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esmi Skin Minerals Real Results: Annemarie White

“I feel so confident, I LOVE my skin now at 30 for the first time since I was 13.”

Annemarie had been in a constant battle with acne since she was 13. The severity of her breakouts led to anxiety about her appearance, held her back from taking part in things she loved, and left her feeling insecure and defeated.

Not anymore!

We’re so happy to have Annemarie share her skin story and journey with esmi Skin Minerals. If you’re dealing with acne too, we hope you’ll be encouraged by her incredible skin transformation to a clear, healthy complexion.

Defeated and insecure

Struggling with acne since she was a teenager, the only relief Annemarie found over the years was taking birth control that posed fairly high risks for her.

“As soon as I stopped taking it, the acne would come back straight away. It was a constant battle since I was a teenager until my late 20s.”

“It made me feel defeated and insecure. I wouldn't look people in the eyes when I was out, I would always cover my face with my hair or my hands when I was talking. I struggled to leave the house sometimes.”

“I didn't want to keep taking birth control but felt like it was the only way I'd ever have clear skin.”

“I tried everything before esmi, every acne skin care product in existence, prescription ointments, antibiotics, a million different birth control pills, dietary changes, silk pillowcases... you name it.”

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Held back by acne

The condition of her skin had a huge impact on Annemarie’s life in ways that many struggling with severe acne can likely relate to.

“I remember paying thousands of dollars for a make-up course in my mid-20s and dropping out within a month. I couldn't cope with the anxiety around having to show my skin to the people in my class. It held me back SO much.”

“Anyone who has experienced acne, especially severe acne, understands the anxiety about leaving the house, going to the beach, going on 'day dates' where people will see your skin.”

The journey to healthier, clearer skin

Annemarie was inspired to reach out to esmi after seeing plenty of posts and rave reviews about the range from influencer Revie Jane.

“My skin became so much healthier and happier straight away.”

“The acne began to clear up after a month or two, after a year I was rarely getting even a pimple at that time of the month.”

“The scarring and pigmentation cleared up completely after about 1.5 years. By the 2 year mark, my skin tone is so even!! I have the skin I always dreamt of now!”

“Quick fixes” do more damage than good

Like many trying to deal with acne, Annemarie tried products claiming to correct skin concerns quickly. The problem? Many of these products severely dry out the skin to target oil.

This may lead to a temporary improvement but over time the cycle of oil and acne is actually perpetuated and the skin barrier is left weak and damaged.

“What I've learned most from esmi is that it's not about quick fixes.”

“It's not the ointment that kills pimples overnight or the skin care that claims to clear your acne in 30 days. That stuff does more damage than good, it keeps you in the perpetual cycle of breakouts.”

“What works is sustainable skin care that's simple enough for you to stay consistent, that's good for you and is nurturing to your skin.”

Annemarie is thrilled with the “amazing” help and guidance she has received from the esmi Skin Consultants throughout her skincare journey.

“I have always relied on them to recommend me products any time I have looked to change any part of my routine. They know their stuff and I never ever get the impression that they're trying to up-sell me anything. They're just honest and helpful.”

“I couldn’t be more in love”

“I couldn't even count on both my hands how many of my friends, family, and followers have made the switch and have fallen in love too.”

“They blame me for their 'addictions'. The products are so kind and gentle to the skin, I've never met an esmi product I didn't love.”

We’re thrilled with Annemarie's incredible results! It’s been amazing to support her on her journey to clearer, healthier skin. If you’d like to book a free skin consultation with our skin specialists, speak to us on chat or send an email to

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