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Glow Duo

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4 x $29.75

Recyclable Packaging

Made in Australia

Safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Sulphate Free

This dynamic duo is designed to pamper your skin from head to toe, providing a radiant and healthy glow. 


Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil - Limited Edition
Unlock a radiant glow with esmi's Limited Edition Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil. Packed with a supercharged blend of coconut, papaya, and cranberry seed oils, this dry body oil will leave your skin feeling irresistibly soft and silky. The natural team of vitamin A and E work together to brighten and improve your skin tone, while leaving a subtle bronze shimmer. 

We recommend applying the Golden Glow Illumination Body Oil directly to the skin with the dropper, and then using our body brush to spread it evenly across the skin. No more product absorption into your hands, just pure radiance for your skin like never before! 

Your Choice of Skin Treat
Our range of Skin Treats feature a variety of face serums, facial oils, duo skin treatments, and skin mylcks allowing you to mix and match and build a customised skincare routine. Specific skin concerns are targeted with the potent active ingredients in the water-based serums while the face oil or skin mylcks support healthy barrier function and moisture levels.

Achieve an effortlessly healthy and youthful glow with esmi’s Ageless Hyaluronic Serum, designed to reduce fine lines and plump wrinkles.

Formulated with radiant anti-ageing actives and deeply hydrating properties, this is a perfect non-invasive alternative to wrinkle relaxants.


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