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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Bundle

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4 x $14.75

Your Choice of Shampoo: 

Hydrating Shampoo 240ml 
esmi Hydrating Shampoo is a gentle, sulphate free shampoo that will hydrate as it cleanses, leaving your hair and scalp feeling hydrated, soft and revitalized. 

Oily Hair Shampoo 240ml 
esmi Oily Hair Shampoo is a refreshing Sulphate free shampoo that will gently but deeply cleanse to balance oil production, remove debris and sweat build up without stripping your scalps natural moisture barrier. 

Dry Hair Shampoo 240ml 
esmi Dry Hair Shampoo is sulphate free and ultra gentle, It will nourish as it cleanses, leaving your hair and scalp feeling soft and supple with less frizz, adding bounce and shine.

Dull Hair Shampoo 240ml 
esmi Dull Hair Shampoo will gently cleanse as it repairs heat and UV damaged, dull and lifeless hair. 

Strength Shampoo 240ml 
esmi Strength Shampoo will gently cleanse as it repairs and strengthens damaged, weak hair. 


Your Choice of Conditioner: 

Hydrating Conditioner 240ml
esmi Hydrating Conditioner will nourish and hydrate without leaving hair feeling heavy or weighed down.

Oily Hair Conditioner 240ml
esmi Oily Hair Conditioner is a refreshing conditioner that lightly nourishes without leaving hair feeling heavy or weighed down.

Dry Hair Conditioner 240ml
esmi Dry Hair Conditioner is rich and intensely nourishing to repair dry, damaged and brittle hair.

Dull Hair Conditioner 240ml
esmi Dull Hair Conditioner will assist in repairing stress caused by UV and heat damage. Promotes healthy, strong hair growth, for softer, smoother brighter hair.

Strength Conditioner 240ml
esmi Strength Conditioner is a rich nourishing conditioner with weak and damaged hair in mind and will help promote healthy, strong hair growth.


Denim Bag (Limited Edition)
Conveniently store your esmi Hair Care and more in this adorable limited edition Denim Bag. Soft faded denim look fabric with a cute rainbow stripe and chunky gold zip closer. Suitable for travels and fun.

Achieve an effortlessly healthy and youthful glow with esmi’s Ageless Hyaluronic Serum, designed to reduce fine lines and plump wrinkles.

Formulated with radiant anti-ageing actives and deeply hydrating properties, this is a perfect non-invasive alternative to wrinkle relaxants.


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