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5 Wedding Makeup Looks

5 Wedding Makeup Looks

When the countdown is on to the most important day of your life (okay, second only to the day Brad and Angelina broke up), there are a thousand things to do. Dress? Got it. Guest list? Sorted. Your wedding makeup look? Girl, we’ve got you.   

Before we dive in, you’re going to want to get serious about your skincare in the lead up to the day if you’re not already. That’s so your makeup has the best canvas possible. Our friends over at esmi Skin Minerals can help you out with that! 

Classic wedding makeup  

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Let’s start with a go-to for many brides, a classic bridal makeup look. Now, don’t get us wrong, classic does not mean boring! It just means that you can be pretty darn sure that it will stand the test of time.  

A radiant base is the best place to start with classic bridal makeup. Complete with a light wash of colour from the Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer and the Unicorn Candy Blush. Use a brown eyeshadow in the hollows of your lids for some light definition. Soft but full brows are made possible with the help of your trusty Brow Magic. Just brush them up with the spoolie and use the pencil side to fill in any sparse areas. Complete the look with a couple of coats of the White Knight Mascara to really make your eyes pop and keep everyone’s on yours! A universally flattering Berry Nude from Lip Heroes will complete the look.  

Natural wedding makeup  

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If fresh-faced and ‘I woke up like this’ is more your style, a natural wedding makeup look should be the beauty for your big day. 

For barely there bridal, start with a sheer base, really just to even out your tone but you still want skin that looks like skin! Let your natural beauty shine through!  

A light brushing of the Unicorn Candy Blush is going to make you look gorgeously flushed. If you want to warm up your skin a bit more, reach for the Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer. Dabbing the Unicorn Champagne Highlighter on the high points of your face will give you a dewy glow. Your brows are really where this look shines. Grab the Brow Magic to fill in your brows, followed by the Zebra Clear Brow Gel to brush them up and lock them in. The perfect natural lip colour is from Lip Heroes. Find out more about mastering natural makeup here.  

Statement Wedding Makeup  

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If there is any day to make a statement, it is on your wedding day! Our top way to make sure you’re the centre of attention is a bold lip.  

Create your perfect base with the help of PONi (especially the Unicorn Candy Blush and the Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer), and then don’t be afraid of a red lip, like this one. It will immediately give you that confidence boost you need on a day like your wedding! Fill in your brows, swipe on some mascara and girl, get to that aisle!  

Glowy Wedding Makeup  

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Perfect for when your wedding theme is something more on the dreamy side, glowy makeup is guaranteed to make all of your guests gasp in the best way possible.   

To make sure you’re floating on air for the whole day, a dewy base will get you well on your way. The key to this look is our gorgeous Unicorn Champagne Highlighter (pairs perfectly with actual Champagne, FYI). Use a highlighting brush and sweep it across the tops of your cheeks and on the tip of your nose. Take it up a notch by using the Brow Pop!’s highlighter end under the brow bone for an instant facelift. Radiance has never been easier!  

Edgy Wedding Makeup  

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If you want to make sure all eyes are on you (it is your wedding day, after all!), time to embrace your edgy side. And yes, it can absolutely be bridal!  

Start with a soft and minimalistic base because with this look, the eyes have it! A darker shadow will really make your look standout in the best possible way. There are plenty of looks to choose from, in fact, we wrote about a bunch here. Now all that’s left to do is choose your version of ‘edgy’. Our personal favourite? A gorgeous cat eye flick with the help of the Pegasus Liquid Eye Liner.  

Now that your wedding makeup is sorted, that is one more thing you can cross off your list. Move on to an easy one next like choosing the wine!  

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