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Here at PONi Cosmetics, we believe that your makeup look isn’t complete without an amazing lip. It is the icing on the cake and takes your confidence up to a ten! We understand that choosing the right lipstick can be scary. Or rather, it used to be.

The Best Nude Pink Lip

Easily level up your makeup look with the Lip Magic Balm. It is the best pink nude lipstick that keeps your lips hydrated and plump. It also has a secret talent; the formula reacts to your unique pH levels, adjusting the colour to give you your perfect soft pink colour. The strawberry scent is the cherry (or should we say berry) on top! Keep it in your handbag for a light wash of colour and nourishment all day, every day.

Shop the Lip Magic Balm on its own, or pair your new go-to nude pink lipstick with your other PONi Cosmetics favourites, thanks to the Make You Blush Bundle - an everyday makeup look made easy with the White Knight Lengthening and Volumising Mascara, the Unicorn Candy Blush and of course the Lip Magic Balm.

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With endless lip colours and formulations out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming, we get it! That’s why we created the Lip Magic Balm to make things simple, without compromising on the look.

The best part of the Lip Magic Balm is its colour changing abilities. The formula reacts to your unique pH level to deliver the best pink nude lipstick for your skin tone. Hey, there’s a reason we call it magic! So, you know that when you wear this soft pink lipstick, you’ll get your perfect colour every time.

The best part about a soft pink lipstick is it suits every skin tone and every occasion. The colour changing magic of this balm means you’re going to find your perfect colour every time - without a million swatches up your arm! So, whether you’ve got a fair or dark complexion (or anything in between), trust us when we say you’ll suit this nude pink lipstick!

No matter whether you’re new to wearing makeup or been in the game for a while, we can all agree that a makeup look that doesn’t feel heavy or cakey is the dream. The Lip Magic Balm is hydrating and nourishing, while also giving your lips a wash of colour. Think of it as a pink lip balm that is incredibly easy to use. You can always line your lips for a little extra definition, but you don’t have to. Just swipe on and you’re good to walk out the door.

Plus, having a pink lipstick that works for every occasion, no matter whether you’re heading out to run a few errands or to dinner with your friends, is the ultimate goal. Luckily, this shade will complement any makeup look - and any outfit.

Then of course, there’s the magic of it being a totally unique shade, specifically for you. Now that’s the best pink lipstick!

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