Hair care by esmi is scientifically researched to support the microbiome of the scalp using a unique Biome Blend, specifically formulated for esmi. This blend contains probiotic lysates that boost the good bacteria to target your hair concerns, giving you effective and long lasting results.

The range currently includes shampoo and conditioners to target your specific hair concern, as well as masks, serums and balms to keep your hair feeling fresh and hydrated.


Hair Care by esmi

Haircare by esmi takes a scalp-first approach to haircare, because we know that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. The scalp, like our skin, is a microbiome that has to be supported to avoid common hair concerns like breakage, dryness or oiliness.

Our specifically formulated biome blends combine a series of probiotic lysates (a concentrated and more stable way of reaping the benefits of probiotics) that increase the good bacteria on the scalp microbiome and improve its overall health and appearance.

The formulations support the pH levels of your scalp and won’t strip it of any natural oils. You will also notice our range won’t lather as much as your previous shampoo and conditioner, thanks to our sulphate-free formula.

Haircare by esmi is rich in ingredients for thicker hair, as they balance the microbiome, strengthen the follicles and prevent hair loss. The range prevents breakage from the root, hydrates and moisturizes the strands, and gives your hair a gorgeous, healthy shine.

Why is the scalp microbiome so important?

When the scalp microbiome is unbalanced, you can experience hair loss or breakage, dandruff, irritation, dullness, frizz or even eczema. A damaged scalp microbiome can occur due to weather changes, hormone imbalances, diet, heat styling or by using hair products without skin-boosting ingredients. The esmi biome blends in combination with other natural, clean ingredients gives deep, long lasting results, not just to the superficial look of your hair, but to the health of it as a whole.

What is a Biome Blend?

The hair care formulations feature esmi’s unique Biome Blends to target your hair concerns.

Our unique Biome Blends were specially formulated for the esmi haircare range and contain a collection of beneficial probiotic lysates, also known as good bacteria. A lysate is a concentrated dose of probiotics, and a more stable way to include all the benefits that come from probiotics. Each blend features strains of probiotic lysates, scientifically proven to improve not just the look of your hair, but the overall health of your scalp and follicles.

Your skin doesn’t stop at the hairline. Just like our skin, our scalp is a microbiome with good and bad bacteria that help our immune system, digestion and importantly, our skin health. A balanced microbiome promotes collagen and ceramide production, repairs UV damage and can prevent skin conditions like acne, eczema and dandruff. Factors like heat styling, stripping ingredients, hormones or diet can lead to a damaged microbiome and hair concerns.

With the right probiotic blends, we can increase the number of good bacteria and balance the microbiome. That means a healthier scalp and stronger, more luscious hair. Think of esmi’s Biome Blends as probiotic skin care for the hair.