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Having the right brushes and applicators in your makeup kit is key to achieving a flawless look every time. Makeup application is an art and an artist is only as good as their tools!


From buffing on mineral foundation, dusting on powder, bronzer and blush to using for a final blending step, kabuki brushes are a compact, super versatile must-have tool for every makeup kit.

esmi Skin Minerals Kabuki Brush has dual-layer vegan bristles for a buildable, flawless application of loose mineral foundation or powder.

Perfect for loose mineral makeup beginners or experts to quickly build all-over coverage with a natural look. The soft, dense bristles are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. The shorter handle allows you to hold the brush close to your face while applying powder offering more control and precision.

Fun fact - the kabuki brush has Japanese origins. It was originally used in drama theatre to apply very heavy makeup made of white rice powder actors.


While you can use the kabuki brush for liquid foundation we recommend using a separate foundation brush for liquid makeup.

The esmi Skin Minerals Liquid Foundation Brush is a vegan, dual-layer bristle brush to buff, build and blend liquid foundation for seamless coverage without messy fingers. Using a liquid foundation brush allows you to get to those hard-to-reach areas of your face, like beneath your eyebrows or nasolabial folds. Apply foundation with your fingers to these areas and you’ll struggle to achieve a streak-free finish.

This vegan foundation brush is ideal for beginners or experts. The easy to control brush blends liquid foundation and BB cream for a natural for a flawless finish - the perfect foundation application brush!


Taking proper care of your kabuki brush and foundation application brush so they stay clean and hygienic is crucial for healthy skin. Dirty makeup brushes and tools can harbour bacteria that will come into contact with your skin on each application and can lead to acne breakouts. You should give your kabuki brush and foundation brush a deep cleanse each week or fortnight.

Run the bristles under the tap to soak them - avoid getting the brush handle wet. Then, put a few drops of brush cleanser, liquid soap or shampoo into the palm of your hand and massage the brush bristles into the cleanser. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. Then dry your kabuki brush and foundation brush upside down (on the bristle side) on a piece of paper towel to avoid water running into the handle.

Depending on how frequently you use your brushes, we recommend replacing them every 6 months for optimal application results.

Have questions about how to use the esmi Skin Minerals kabuki brush, liquid foundation brush or the perfect mineral makeup for your skin type? The esmi Skin Minerals team would love to answer your questions! Get in touch with a consultant to book your complimentary skin consultation.

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Using a foundation brush specifically designed for liquid foundation allows for a flawless application in even the trickier areas of the face, i.e. around the nose or eyebrows. Applying foundation to these areas with your fingers can prove difficult to achieve a streak-free finish and also end in using more product than necessary.

There are many different types of brushes that can be used to apply liquid foundation - there are dense, paint-like brushes, loose brushes, duo fibre brushes, stippling brushes or even sponges. But at esmi, we recommend using a rounded, dual-layer buffer brush like our esmi Vegan Foundation Brush as it gently and effectively buffs the right amount of product onto the skin without causing any irritation or streakiness. The dual-layer bristles are also vegan so they don’t hold onto or absorb the foundation, allowing the smallest amount of product to go a long way.

There are many liquid foundation brushes on the market but we believe it is best to use a vegan foundation brush to not only reduce the environmental impact, but also to avoid irritating the skin with animal hairs. The esmi Foundation Brush is vegan with dual-layer bristles to buff, build and blend liquid foundation for seamless coverage without messy fingers.

Generally a powder brush is a less dense brush with longer bristles as it is designed to dust fine powder particles - so while you could use it you won't get the application you would with a dense liquid foundation brush, and it will be tricky working your foundation around eyebrows and in the and around your nose.

If you have a beauty blender or makeup sponge that you like using, you can use this to apply your foundation, however we have designed our esmi vegan brush range especially to help you achieve the best results with our vegan mineral foundation range.

Wetting your foundation brush is not recommended prior to use as this will only dilute the foundation making the formula thinner with less coverage and causing possible streaks.

Foundation can be applied using fingers, however we have designed our esmi vegan brush range especially to help you achieve the best results with our vegan mineral foundation range.

Ensuring skin is appropriately hydrated and primed/moisturised prior to foundation application is key to achieving a flawless foundation finish . We recommend skin is properly cleansed with a cream cleanser and a hydrator like our Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum is applied before using your esmi Mineral Foundation of choice.

It is also important to use the correct tools to apply and blend your mineral foundation - the esmi Vegan Foundation Brush has dual-layered bristles to buff the Liquid Mineral Foundation on the skin and the ultra soft esmi Vegan Kabuki Brush is perfectly proportioned to apply a fine and even layer of the Loose Mineral Powder.

If you really want to take your foundation (or overall makeup look) to the next level, we recommend finishing with a hydrating mist like the esmi Skin Snack for that extra glow.

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