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Header - learning to love the skin you're in

Learning to Love the Skin You're In

Learning to love the skin you’re in… Are we overcomplicating it?

Let’s explore.

Have you ever met that person that just seems to have a bounce in their step? You know the one we’re talking about… They’ve got the social energy of a golden retriever, their skin looks like they just swam in the deep waters of the Swiss Alps* and they just exude confidence!

And you’re left thinking…. How can I get that?! Well, we have just the trick for you!

*No plane ticket to Switzerland required.

The truth is, we all deserve to feel great physically, mentally, spiritually & even socially. YOU deserve to feel good in the skin you’re in.

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s just remember this very important perspective.

The art of self-love is a JOURNEY, not a destination. We are all LEARNING. And the person we mentioned above, she LEARNED ways in which they could feel and live the way they do. They made a decision to lean in, prioritise their worth and STOP COMPARING!

I’m not sure if you’ve figured this out yet, but the skin we’re in isn’t going anywhere. You are you. (light bulb!) And no one else on the planet can do it better than you. 

Physical changes, money, success and fame may change the exterior of you. But they are not going to directly change (for the better) the love you have for yourself.

There’s a reason why the rich and famous share in interviews that a budding career and loads of money, really doesn’t give you happiness. Becoming famous, didn’t increase the love they had for themselves and really, it has usually done quite the opposite for them.

It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself - don’t worry, we got you. 

So, how do we learn to love the skin we’re in? Glad you asked! Let’s dive in. 

Step 1: Stop!

First and foremost, let’s stop the negativity:

STOP comparing ourselves to others.

Where they are in their journey, is not reflective of where you are in yours.

STOP people-pleasing.

Yep, we’ve ALL been there! Live your life through your eyes, not of those around you. It’s like needing glasses... Yep, go with me. Without them, is like seeing yourself through others eyes - it’s blurry, distorted, not in focus. With them, you’re seeing yourself through your own eyes - it’s clear, contextualised and you can focus! You’re seeing the ACTUAL picture. So, put those glasses on and see yourself for who you really are!

STOP and take time to reflect.

If we’re going to learn to love the skin we’re in, we need to first find those things that are important to us. What gives you excitement, joy, love, purpose, passion, happiness, and health? Write them down! This way, you will have them laid out in front of you, ready to set action within each area.

Step 2: Set

Now that we've STOPPED it's time to set ourselves up with new habits and routines, to create time for ourselves and get the 'self-love boat' going. 


It’s time to find the positives in who we are. The world we’re in and the environment around us. What are the things you love about who you are? (No, this is not arrogant unless you’re updating your Facebook status to reflect your finding’s). Is it your ability to see the good in everyone? Is it your smile? Is it your heart for the environment? And then, to your world. The free country you may be blessed enough to live in? The fact you have access to clean running water? The feeling of sunshine on your face? Jot them down and watch the positivity flow.


What is important to you? What are the aspects of your life you wish to devote time and energy to? Family, religion, the environment, helping others, your career, living a healthy life etc. It’s important to focus on what these are so you can invest time into those things that matter most to YOU.


What are the practical things you want to do in your life that you feel will increase your enjoyment of it? Time invested in YOU. Regular time for things like family/friends, meditation, learning how to eat healthier, exercise, taking more time for rest, regular pamper time at home with good skincare (We know who we would pick!). The list is endless and different for everyone! So get yours going.

  • If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, here are some of our favourites!
  • Get up 20 mins earlier than you would for some ‘me time’
  • Do a quick morning yoga flow or go for a quick walk - get that body moving!
  • Guided or silent meditation while sipping on a sleep tea before bed
  • Develop a good skin care routine to start and end each day (chat with our skin service team to help you with this!)
  • Set a weekly date night - with your friends or significant other
  • Take a class - learn a new skill or just have some fun!
  • Pamper night once a week - face mask, hair mask, bath, however you do pamper! (We love the hyaluronic hydrating booster mask for a pamper night in!)
  • Digital detox - maybe it’s from 5pm at night until 5am the next morning, maybe it’s one day a week with no screens - you do you!

Step 3: Start!

Aaaaandddd GO! Start looking over everything you just put down and putting it into practice, DAILY.

Spending time to discover these things, and starting to invest your time and energy into them IS learning to love the skin you’re in. You’re practising self-love. And giving value to who you are. So maybe it’s really not as complicated as we once thought?

STOP listening to outside voices of dictation of how you should be living your life.

SET yourself up for the freedom to live unapologetically who you are!

START loving the skin you’re in.

Get living beautiful people. Not sure where to start? Reach out to our team of skin experts for a complimentary skin consultation. We’d so love to hear from you.