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10 Tips to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Because YOU are worth looking after. 

What does a healthy lifestyle look like to you? 

Maybe it’s being fit enough to run around with your kids. Or building a strong immune system so you can fight off sickness and disease. Maybe it’s the little things like incorporating daily rituals like meditation, regular exercise and time with loved ones to keep you mentally clear and strong. 

Or perhaps it’s the ability to access nutrient-dense foods that fuel you from the inside out! 

Whatever it may be - we all have the ability to make changes in our life to work towards that healthy lifestyle we crave. 

Well, we have collated our top 10 tips to help you start living your best life!  

1. Wake up early 

There’s something pretty magical about the tranquil early hours of the morning, before the hustle and bustle of the world begins. 

The house is quiet, the sun is coming up over the horizon, you can hear the subtle bubbling of the kettle boiling or coffee machine extracting your liquid gold and it’s just you. 

Your are present, in the moment. At the cusp of a brand new day. Nice, right?!

Maybe you use this time to exercise, to meditate or read and centre your thoughts or maybe it’s to get some jobs done around the house to set up a clean and tidy space for the day ahead. 

Whatever this may look like for you, waking up early seems to be an essential part of the process when it comes to all those crazy creative and successful minds we have out there - so maybe it’s worth a shot? 

Even just getting up 10 mins earlier than you usually do every day for a week, then increase it a little as the week’s progress and see how it makes you feel. 

And if it doesn’t work for you, toss it!  

2. Eat nutrient-dense foods every day 

Every. Day. That’s right people, The Wiggles weren’t wrong. Fruit salad is yummy yummy for the body! And VITAL in leading a healthy lifestyle. 

We will leave the kind of ‘diet’ to you. 

But what we are sure we can all agree on, is that ensuring we eat enough fresh fruits and veggies will be one of the best ways to provide our bodies with the vast range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it requires to live out our healthy lifestyle. 

So whether you hide them in your smoothies/cooking so you can’t taste them, or you munch on a floret of broccoli for morning tea, EAT UP!  

3. Drink plenty of water 

The other resource we have, that is ESSENTIAL for a healthy body and mind! 

We don’t know about you, but the days where we forget to reach for our water bottles, things get haaaazzyyyyy. 

Our brains not only NEED water to function at their optimal level but our body is made up of so much water that without it, we cannot possibly live out our healthy lifestyle successfully. 

Always forget to drink water throughout the day? Grab one of those bottles with the times on the side - perfect at keeping your intake accountable! 

4. Exercise every day 

So we’re not saying you need to go sign up for a gym membership (that you may never actually use) or that you need to run a 10k marathon. 

Although both of these activities are great options! 

What we are saying, is just make a start![Text Wrapping Break]Create a habit, just a little bit of exercise a day. It really can go a long way in keeping the doctor away ;) #exerciseisthenewapples 

So whether you’re a walk in the morning type person or an at-home workout with your 2L bottles of milk for dumbbells type person, you do YOU! 

Just get that body MOVING! 

5. Surround yourself with community 

A healthy lifestyle HAS to include healthy relationships. Why? Because life really is all about relationships. 

With yourself, your partner, your family members, your friends, your neighbours, your pets or even your local barista! 

We will all face times in life where we will either need or crave relationships, so the more healthy relationships you can cultivate in your daily life, the better. 

6. Engage in a hobby 

There is something so fulfilling about having a hobby of your own. 

Something you love to do, that gives you enjoyment and forces you to just be present in the moment, merely there for your own benefit of participating. 

If you’re a single person, this can create a community around you you didn’t necessarily have before. 

If you’re a mum, it can create an ‘out’ from mum life to fill up your own cup in order to better serve your kids and family. 

Whatever it looks like, find something that makes you feel joy. #mariekondowouldbesoproud 

7. Give to others 

Ever heard of the saying  ‘It’s the thought that counts’? Well, we believe it to be very true.  Take Christmas time for example. There is something so magical about it right? Although there are a few reasons for this, we think one of them is that it’s essentially, all about GIVING. 

There’s such a wonderful feeling when you get to watch someone open a gift that you’ve spent your time finding and hard-earned money buying. 

Giving to others, gives back to you. It’s a simple truth! 

And if you really want to experience the ‘health’ benefits that giving to others can give you, simply volunteer your time at a shelter or somewhere they provide food to the underprivileged and homeless. 

That will certainly give you a perspective and help you practice gratitude for what you have.  

8. Invest in self-care 

A trip to Bora Bora! #treatyoself. Okay, so maybe not on the cards for all of us. But the premise is - spend money, time, resources on caring for others yes. 

But also? Spend those things on YOU too! 

One of the best and easiest ways you can invest in self-care is with good skincare and pamper night supplies! 

So schedule yourself a self-care date night!

Run a bath, grab out one of your favourite face masks like our Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster Mask 150ml to hit your skin with a good dose of hydration. 

And finish off with a serum like the 24K Gold Nourishing Oil to lock in some moisture for the long night of beauty sleep ahead. Pop on your favourite movie and reecchhaaarrggeee! 

9. Prioritise your mental health 

A big one. And in the current world we’re all facing, a very important one for us to prioritise. 

Whether that means you learn the art of meditation, steer away from things that bring you down, remove toxic relationships from your life or sit down with a professional to work through some things. Just do it. Today! 

And while we’re on it, is there someone you could create safe space for in your world to be able to share where they are at too? 

10. Learn the art of accepting help 

For some, this can feel similar to climbing Mount Everest. 

For others, it’s like you’re the person lost at sea and you see the rescue chopper circling above you! But whether it’s easy for you or hard, it’s important to learn to accept it. Because we all need help, at times, all of us. 

There is no shame in accepting it, and you’re certainly not alone. 

Sometimes accepting help is the beginning of your journey to creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. 

So be open, give people the chance to help you and watch what it does for your life.