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Allantoin Benefits in Skin Care

Allantoin Benefits in Skin Care

There are some skincare ingredients that seem to hog the spotlight (we swear we’re talking about vitamin C in our sleep at this point), but there are some lesser-known superstars that deserve a place on your bathroom counter. Let us introduce you to your new favourite moisturising ingredient: allantoin.

What is Allantoin?

Allantoin is a mainstay in K-beauty, but if it’s been flying under your radar, you’re absolutely not alone - it definitely doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

It is derived predominantly from plants like chamomile, wheat and comfrey, a herb native to Europe. You’ll find it in plenty of K-beauty products thanks to its soothing, healing and moisturising properties. If you have sensitive skin, you’re going to want to get familiar with allantoin in skin care.

Benefits of Allantoin for Skin

Allantoin is one of those ingredients that has talents everywhere, kind of like Rihanna.

Moisturising and Hydrating

If you remember one reason to love allantoin, let it be this; it is suuuper moisturising. It acts as an emollient to lock in moisture and stop it from escaping. This means no more dry and irritated skin.

Allantoin also has the unique ability to increase the amount of water in cells and limit transepidermal water loss to keep the skin hydrated, plump, and youthful. Check, check and check!

Healing and Anti-Inflammation

Allantoin is brilliant for protecting the skin, so if you’ve found yourself with acne scarring, wounds, sun-exposure or super dry and flaky skin, make allantoin your go-to. It shields the skin from external factors and speeds up the healing process. Basically, if inflammation has got you down, allantoin is the perfect ingredient to seek out.

Antioxidant and Anti-Ageing

Just to round up its long list of talents, allantoin is an antioxidant, which means it fights free-radicals which are the bad guys that damage the collagen in our skin and disrupt its production. This leads to sagging skin which is the absolute opposite of what we want. Allantoin says ‘no thank you’ to free radicals before they can do any damage.

Plus, thanks to its hydration-boosting properties, allantoin supports the collagen production process which needs big drinks of water to work properly.


Because of its skin-loving, hydrating abilities, allantoin has the side-effect of keeping acne away. When our skin is super dry, our pores go into overdrive and overproduces sebum to make up for the lack of moisture. And you guess it; more sebum means more breakouts. It may seem counterintuitive for all of our oily-skinned friends but keeping your skin hydrated will help to keep acne away.

Allantoin in Skin Care

Okay, so now that you’re onboard with allantoin and heading straight to the hydration station, how do you include it in your skincare routine? Excellent question!

If you’re anything like us, when you think about moisture and hydration, your mind goes straight to the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. Not only is it packed with hyaluronic acid, but also allantoin! It is the perfect antidote for dehydrated skin, promotes cell longevity, and helps to plump any fine lines for that gorgeous, youthful glow we’re all after. Use a few drops before your thicker moisturising lotion and sunscreen and you’ll feel those hydrating benefits all day long.

Our Encapsulated Retinol range is not only resurfacing and anti-ageing, but the allantoin makes it super gentle and calming. Some retinoids can be quite harsh on the skin, but the allantoin makes it suitable even for sensitive skin. As always with our retinol, start with Level 1, and slowly work your way up to a more concentrated dose.

For a little TLC, our Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster Mask truly is a treat yourself moment for dehydrated skin. Allantoin conditions and protects, niacinamide repairs and aids in breakout prevention, and hyaluronic acid attracts water to the skin for the ultimate ingredient combination. When your skin is screaming out for some water, slather this one on, settle in for some Netflix and let it work its magic.


Find out more about why allantoin should be a star player in your skincare routine by chatting to our skincare experts - you can thank us later!