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esmi Skin Minerals Real Results: Brooke Schmidt

esmi Skin Minerals Real Results: Brooke Schmidt

“The best thing I ever did for my skin.”

Meet Brooke. With painful, burn-like reactions that would swell up, leaving the skin raw, red and very irritated, Brooke had been on quite the skin journey before finding esmi.

Brooke Real Results Before and After with esmi Skin Minerals

Her skin used to become so inflamed and sore, she would have to hold ice to her face for hours to reduce discomfort.

She decided to seek advice from doctors and specialists. They gave her a whole heap of medications to try, none of which worked for her. The products packed with chemicals only made things worse! Instead, she heard about esmi and decided to take a natural approach to skincare.

“I noticed a few people had tried esmi and had some really good results.”

Brooke jumped online to chat with one of our Skin Consultants to really dive into the best products for her skin.

“I had a million questions, and they really took their time to help me understand my options.”

Brooke started with the Anti-Redness Green Smoothie to cool and heal her skin. She then topped this with our Açaí Balancing Oil calm and hydrate while regulating oil flow.

Within just two weeks of consistent use, her issues had disappeared. “It’s like I was back to normal skin”.

Brooke has now been using esmi consistently for over 12 months without any breakouts and we’re so thrilled for her!

Her advice for anyone thinking of taking the esmi plunge? “It is the best decision you will ever make! It’s been amazing and I cannot thank esmi enough.”

What an incredible transformation! Thank you so much Brooke for sharing your skin journey with esmi Skin Minerals.

Meet more beautiful people who have achieved amazing results with esmi Skin Minerals on our Real Results page. If you’d like to book a free skin consultation with our skin specialists, speak to us on chat or send an email to skin@esmi.com.au