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How to Treat Hormonal Chin Acne

Just when you thought the woes of puberty were behind you, bam! Hormonal chin acne pops up at the worst possible time. While there are plenty of causes of chin acne, today we’re going to hone in on the hormonal variety.

Like it or not, fluctuations of hormones are a part of being human, as are pimples on the chin. No matter how old you are, hormonal chin acne is a bit like low rise jeans - they keep coming back, no matter how much we don’t want them to. Luckily, we know a couple of tips and tricks to keep them in the past where they belong (again, like low-rise jeans).

How to Know if You Have Hormonal Chin Acne

Knowing what kind of acne you have makes all the difference in knowing how to treat them. Hormonal chin acne is all thanks to fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone. Your hormone levels go on a rollercoaster ride throughout the menstrual cycle which causes increased oil production and, you guessed it, clogged pores.

If you’re beyond puberty (guilty) pimples on your chin could be a sign of hormonal acne. In fact, if you’re in your 20s and 30s, your hormones are still going into overdrive which means the likelihood of acne is still pretty darn high. It’s not fair, we know…

Another tell-tale sign of hormonal chin acne is if it crops up once a month during your period. Hormonal pimples work in a cyclical fashion in-line with your cycle, ​​so if you’re noticing spots pop up usually in the same place, and around the same time, you’re likely dealing with a case of hormonal chin acne.

Hormonal pimples on the chin tend to pop up as painful cysts, rather than your classic black or whiteheads. As if we needed another reason to get rid of them!

Skincare for Hormonal Chin Acne

Hormonal changes are just a fact of life, so having a few products handy that are going to keep hormonal acne under control is our tip of the day.

Starting gentle with The Uncomplicated Cleanser will help to remove any excess oil that will only wreak havoc on your pores. Using harsh additives will worsen the condition of your skin’s protective barrier. Stripping ingredients? We don’t know her.

Exfoliation is going to keep your pores fresh and free from dead skin, bacteria, sebum and dirt. It also supports the skin’s renewal process, boosts collagen production and helps the formulation of healthy skin. Um, bonus! As always, you’re going to want a gentle exfoliant to avoid irritating your hormonal chin acne any further. The Fresh Sea and Salty Sand Gentle-Foliant does all of that, and more!

When it comes to the ultimate hormonal chin acne treatment, retinol is one ingredient that is going to change your life. Our Encapsulated Retinol penetrates deep into the skin before it gets to work, for maximum results. Retinol increases cell turnover and helps to unclog pores - kicking hormonal pimples on the chin to the curb. Start with the lowest concentration and a pea-sized amount to allow your skin to adjust.

Follow all of this up with the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum to protect your skin’s barrier and regulate oil flow.

While you give your skincare routine a chance to do its thing, a BB Cream is going to reduce the appearance of hormonal chin acne and boost your confidence, you gorgeous thing! The esmi Mineral BB Cream is a super lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores. It hydrates, nourishes and protects with hyaluronic acid and allantoin, with a cheeky little SPF boost. Smooth out that sneaky hormonal chin acne while doing your skin a massive favour.

Diet for Hormonal Chin Acne

Here’s a truth bomb: your skin is really bad at hiding things. What you put into your body shows on your skin, and it will tell you if it doesn’t like something. By eliminating one food at a time and seeing if it makes a difference to your hormonal acne, you could have found your flare up culprit.

Dairy can increase testosterone production which can worsen acne - who knew, hey? That and the fact dairy products contain natural hormones that can impact your own hormone levels means dairy can be your chin acne’s worst nightmare.

Limiting your high-glycaemic (high GI) foods is going to help make angry skin much happier. That means cutting down on refined sugars, white bread, and potatoes. We know, potatoes are delicious, but that just makes room for non-starchy vegetables like beans, broccoli and carrots.

Going hard on the Omega-3 fatty acids, found especially in salmon and tuna, is great for lowering inflammation in the body.

Other Tips for Clearing Hormonal Chin Acne

You’ve probably heard them a hundred times but they are worth keeping in mind!

Stop the spread of hormonal chin acne by avoiding touching your face whenever possible. All that does is pile on more bacteria to the acne and, spoiler alert, that is definitely not going to help. Speaking of touching your face, picking at your chin pimples can force oil and bacteria into the pore and lead to long-lasting scarring. All in all, a big no-no.

As difficult as it may be, lowering your stress levels is a must if you want to ditch the hormonal chin acne. Stress triggers some crazy hormones which, unsurprisingly, causes hormonal acne flare ups. Taking up meditation (we’re big fans!) and getting serious about your sleep routine (even bigger fans!) will help to keep those hormones under control.


Think you might have hormonal chin acne but not quite sure? Chat to one of our skincare experts!