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How You Can Embrace Equity This IWD

When Is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on Wednesday 8th March, 2023. It’s a global day that’s been championing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women since 1911!

Now is the time to think about what International Women’s Day means to you so you can shout women’s achievements from the rooftops and rally for women’s equality.

How To Support International Women’s Day (IWD)

The theme for the 2023 IWD campaign is #EmbraceEquity, something that isn’t just nice to have but has become a must have.

It’s essential to understand the difference between equity and equality because even though they sound the same, they’re actually quite different. Equality is based on the idea that everyone should have the same advantage but equal opportunities are no longer enough. This is equity comes in, being inclusive and giving everyone what they need to be successful rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about understanding the fact that each person has different circumstances that can make it difficult to achieve the same goals. Living in a world that’s free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination means we celebrate our differences so equity simply becomes part of our DNA. We should all be empowered to be part of the solution as our collective efforts can make a positive difference for everyone. 

Our society often discusses equity in healthcare, housing and education but what about our skin health? It’s our largest and most visible organ so feeling comfortable in your own skin isn’t a right that’s designed for certain kinds of people or certain skin tones.

It’s a myth that all complexions need the same thing which is why Makeup Cartel has built an inclusive community that helps you see your skin. We continue to bridge the gap in skin health by formulating skincare solutions that nurture you to your fullest potential while meeting the needs of everyone, no matter your skin tone or gender. 

Australia is a diverse country so we make sure that no one feels unseen or underrepresented because last we checked, everyone has skin! We share the passion and excitement that comes from valuing and supporting your differences whether you have melanin-rich skin or prefer a vegan lifestyle. 

We’ve successfully championed women from the start thanks to our female founder Evette Hess who has developed a culture of supporting women, from applauding women in sport like Ash Barty to building a workplace where women thrive. Everyone needs to forge positive change by showing and celebrating their differences so take a moment to embrace equity this International Women’s Day. 

How To Celebrate International Women’s Day

We’re here to support the supporters so embrace equity this International Women’s Day with a free denim bag when you spend $99, perfect for filling with skincare products that celebrate who you are. Get the care you deserve with our award-winning Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum for all skin types, Gentle Gel Cleanser for men or Liquid Mineral Foundation for skin types I to VI.

We also have qualified and caring skin specialists on hand that can help you understand your skin condition and recommend products based on the different needs of your skin health and tone. 

Through advocacy, education and ingredient transparency we’re always here to make skincare more equitable so you can choose skin care that’s in your corner.