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Key Places to Apply Highlighter

Wondering where to apply highlighter? Wonder no more. Our foolproof cheat sheet covers the 5 key places to apply highlighter. You’ll be on your way to glow pro in no time.

Why does highlighter deserve a spot in your makeup bag anyway? Highlighter adds a subtle, oh-so-shimmery radiance to the skin and while gently accentuating your features.

Here’s the key lesson of highlighting school; any feature you highlight comes forward on your face. It’s essentially the opposite of contouring, which makes things recede.

Keep that in mind as you make your way through the steps below - you might skip any features you’d prefer to down play. 

Choosing a Highlighter

Before we dive into how to apply highlighter, you need to decide what type of product to use - powder, cream, or liquid.

If you’re a highlighter beginner, we suggest choosing a powder. The application is easier to control, quicker than a cream or liquid, the colour is super buildable and powder suits all skin types.

Powders are also less precise than cream or liquid highlighters, which really gives you that all-over shimmer radiance.

If you haven’t already met our Unicorn Champagne Highlighter, now is the time to get acquainted! Perfect beginners and experts, this silky ombré powder highlighter builds from a soft champagne dayglow to a warm champagne sparkle.

Universally flattering, the richly-pigmented champagne shade suits every complexion allowing you to build and sculpt until the highlight level is just right for cheeks, brow bone, nose and eyes. 

Where to Apply Highlighter 

Highlighter is the final step in your makeup routine. Think of it as the radiant cherry on top!

Work through the steps in your usual routine - primer, foundation / BB cream, powder, blush and/ or bronzer - then use a setting spray to set the look.

Now we’re ready to answer the question you came here asking “Where does highlighter go?”

Grab a soft, fan-shaped makeup brush (ideal for highlighter) and let’s do this!

Step 1: Highlight Cheekbones

You want to add highlighter to the high points of the cheeks where the light typically reflects on the skin.

Load your brush with a powder highlighter, tap off the excess, then apply to the top of the cheekbones.

Use small, circular buffing motions to blend in with your blush and bronzer to tie it all together.

Step 2: Highlight the Bridge of Your Nose

Depending on your nose shape, highlighting along the bridge can be flattering. It makes your nose appear longer and slimmer.

Use a smaller fluffy makeup brush for this step. Tilt your head down and starting at the top of the bridge (between your eyes) take the highlighter down your nose, stopping before the tip.

You can add a very subtle touch of highlighter to the tip to give your nose a slightly lifted effect. Don’t go overboard though. It’s a quick slip into Rudolph territory!

Step 3: Highlight the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

Highlighter is so pretty to apply to your inner eye area. It really brightens and wakes up your eyes for an I-got-8-hours-of-solid-beauty-sleep effect.

Press a clean finger into the powder and dab gently into your inner eye area.

Step 4: Highlight Cupid’s Bow

How to use highlighter on your mouth?

By highlighting your Cupid’s Bow. This gives the illusion of a fuller and more defined top lip.

Switching back to your fan-shaped makeup brush, lightly dust the highlighter onto your Cupid’s Bow.

Step 5: Highlight the Centre of Your Forehead

Why highlight the centre of your forehead? It adds dimension and helps illuminate your entire face.

Also, if you’ve gone a little overboard with a bronzer, your face can look quite flat. Highlighting can accentuate your forehead and help counteract your enthusiastic bronzer use.

Simply dust highlighter in the shape of an inverted triangle in the centre of your forehead and blend.

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