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Peptides in Skin Care: What Are They?

Peptides in Skin Care: What Are They?

It’s about time for a pep talk on peptides (sorry, we had to!). We know what you’re thinking; “not another skincare buzz word to learn!” We know, they seem to be cropping up every five minutes, but trust us, peptides in skincare are worth knowing about so listen up and take notes. 

What are Peptides?

A quick peptides 101 course. Peptides are smaller versions of proteins - the building blocks of our bodies. Our bodies naturally create peptides which come in the form of strings of amino acids. Still with us? Great! 

Because peptides are smaller in size than regular protein, they are more easily absorbed by the body and are able to seep deep into the skin. While there are a few different types of peptides, the ones we’re most interested in are of the collagen variety - the ultimate peptides for skin. 

The Benefits of Peptides in Skin Care

It’s no secret that here at esmi, we’re big, big fans of anything that is going to boost our collagen. For those of us who need a quick recap, collagen is the ‘glue’ that keeps our skin, muscles and tissue in great condition. It is what keeps our skin plump, youthful and glowy. We’re kind of like collagen peptides superfans. 

When these peptides are applied to our skin, our body takes this as a signal that it needs to heal, so it produces more collagen. Essentially, they are the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient. Why? Because peptides in skincare stimulate collagen production, helping lift fine lines, calm inflammation and make the skin look firmer. Sign us up! 

If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that collagen production slows down when we age - hey, it happens to the best of us. So, anything we can do to give collagen a boost is a good thing! With collagen peptides helping plump the skin and turn it into a wrinkle-free zone, we’re all for it.

As if that wasn’t enough, peptides in skincare also make elastin fibres - no prizes for guessing what they do. They boost skin elasticity for firmer skin which is just an added bonus. 

Peptides also have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and irritation to give you a more even complexion, as well as antioxidants to fight free radicals which break down collagen. So, not only do peptides stimulate collagen production, they also stop the nasty free radicals that damage collagen. That’s a collagen-boosting double whammy! 

Where to Find Peptides in Skin Care

The best way to get maximum benefits from peptides in your skincare is to focus on products that sit on the skin rather than wash off. That means your serums containing peptides are going to be your best friends, because they can sink deeply into the skin and work their magic. 

For a little extra sprinkle of magic, pair them with other skincare ingredients they play nicely with like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vitamin C, so you can experience the full benefits of peptides. 

When it comes to your daily dose of peptides, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Golden Anti-Ageing Serum not only looks pretty on your counter, it also has some pretty powerful ingredients to keep your skin plump, including everyone’s favourite, peptides. The peptides and antioxidants are going to lift any fine lines and give you a bright glow. Acting as the perfect night time defence for all ages and skin types, this product will help fight against free radical damage, fine lines and pigmentation associated with ageing. This gorgeous, gorgeous serum penetrates deeply, with no greasy residue left over, all while working at the cellular level to boost firmness and elasticity.

On the days when you feel like you need a night in, a glass of vino and your latest Netflix obsession, the Anti-Ageing Repair Gel Booster Mask will give you a shot of peptides while you relax. This all-in-one anti-ageing gel mask comes packed with 24k gold, peptides, and antioxidants, helping soften fine lines, firm the skin, not to mention, restore and protect the skin’s natural barrier. It also just so happens to pair perfectly with a glass of red, may we add. 

To give the eye area a bit of love, we’ve created the Anti-Ageing Eye Serum to protect the delicate skin and send fine lines and crow’s feet packing. The peptides in this baby work to reduce wrinkle depth and reverse signs of ageing. 

Here’s your bonus tip for the day: sun exposure can also break down collagen, so using your Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen every day (and topping up throughout the day if need be) is going to help give the peptides in your skincare a helping hand. 

Peptides have a huge range of pros for your skin; those little proteins increase the collagen in our bodies and protect it from the nasty free radicals that try to break it down. In our books, that makes it an incredible anti-ageing ingredient. 

Want to know more? Chat to our esmi Skin Experts today or shop our anti-ageing products here