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Real Results: Erica's Story

Real Results: Erica's Story

“I have never felt so confident in my own skin, I am beautiful.”

We’re really excited to introduce Erica and share the amazing results she’s achieved treating acute adult acne with esmi Skin Minerals.

Erica struggled with acne throughout her teenage years but dealing with adult acne, she says, was even more challenging.

“Having adult acne was worse for me.”

“I’m a working mum, I’m busy and rushing around. Always feeling so self-conscious about leaving the house with no makeup was consuming. I would just feel awful about myself.”

After a bad reaction to prescription medication and loss at what to do next, overwhelmed Erica reached out to our skincare team to seek help for her acne.

“I was honestly lost, I had tried so many brands and treatments, I just didn’t know what to do. After reaching out to the skincare team on Facebook they jumped on board to help me with a skincare routine.”

“The response was so fast, lovely, and compassionate because it was obviously something I was really self-conscious about.”

After helping Erica choose the right products to begin treating her skin, our consultants continued to guide her on slowly introducing new products over the next 12 months.

This steady approach helped strengthen and improve Erica’s skin without overwhelming it.

“Over the last 12 months, they’ve been there the whole way through.”

“They’ve helped with slight changes along the way and have always been there to answer all my questions.”

Erica’s before and after photos say it all. Her results are incredible!


“My breakouts have significantly reduced - pretty much gone. If I do have breakouts I have the tools to fight them so I no longer get the awfully painful acne.”

“The esmi team has helped me work on the acne scarring I have which has also improved so much.”

Erica’s advice if you’re considering esmi Skin Minerals and a consultation with our skin consultants?

“100% go for it.”

“I have never felt so confident in my own skin. I am beautiful.”

We’re SO happy to see your results Erica! Thank you for sharing your skin journey with esmi Skin Minerals.

Meet more beautiful people who have achieved amazing results with esmi Skin Minerals on our Real Results page. If you’d like to book a free skin consultation with our skin specialists, speak to us on chat or send an email to skin@makeupcartel.com.au