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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Noticing fine lines? Is your skin a little dull and lacklustre? Maybe your skin is super parched and is in need of a huge drink of water!

Hyaluronic acid has the amazing ability to attract water and can actually hold 1000x times its weight! Making it a key ingredient for ALL skin types in EVERY skincare regime.

Acid in skincare does sound a little scary, doesn’t it… but fear not! This little molecule has the opposite effect of an acid. Hyaluronic acid will absolutely drench your cells with water leaving your skin super dewy and plump.

This will not only help dehydration but also plumping out fine lines, regulating oil flow for an oily skin type and can even help to rejuvenate dark circles under the eyes!

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found within our bodies. Roughly half of the hyaluronic acid in the body is present in your skin, where it binds to water to help retain moisture. The rest is found in connective tissue and eyes. It helps to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.

As Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in our bodies, it is so much easier for your skin to recognise and absorb, making it so effective and chances of allergic reactions are very minimal – great for all skins down to the most sensitive.

Any impaired skin barrier that is suffering from dry, flaky, reactive or over stripped skin will really benefit from adding this active ingredient into your regime making it an excellent skincare product for conditions like eczema and dermatitis, through to combination skin.

Hydration can be the key to youthful looking skin!

Hyaluronic acid can draw water into the cells and hold onto it for rapid hydration benefits. It will keep skin plump, minimise fine lines and leave it looking radiant. Our bodies naturally lose water daily – and as we age our skin becomes drier as its ability to lock in water decreases. When this happens, our skin appears dull and our healthy cells slow down and become sluggish. To have our skin working at optimal capacity it has to be hydrated!

It’s not only age that can make our skin become dehydrated, but it’s also those common culprits – drinking alcohol, laying in the sun, too much caffeine, not enough water- even air conditioners and heaters can really play havoc to your skin.

When your skin barrier becomes dry it can cause your skin to look dull, become flaky, feel tight and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can become more prominent. When our skin is parched it also weakens our protective barrier, leaving it compromised. Sensitised skin is more exposed to infection, disease and free radical damage. Not only does hyaluronic acid hydrate but it also has antioxidant properties to protect your skin from this kind of environmental damage.

In actual fact, most of us from oily to dry are generally dehydrated in one form or another!

Before you say, “I have an oily skin type, I don’t need any more hydration” note that oil and hydration are two completely different things!

Hydration is water content in our skin cells which happens deep down in the layers of the skin and being oily means we have a skin that produces more oil, which can be seen on our skin barrier – that oily shine! It has nothing to do with water content, often an overly oily skin is sign dehydration, as the skin will overproduce oil to compensate for lack of water in the skin.

On the flip side, a true dry skin type (lacking oil content) is skin that has always felt dry and produces less oil. Using a ‘hydration’ product such as Hyaluronic acid is only going to work if it is followed by an oil/moisturiser- if there is no oil to protect the skin barrier and help lock in that hydration it will evaporate, leaving the skin as it was – dry and flaky.

So, as you can see when we begin to understand our skin it becomes apparent how important every little step and ingredient can be!

This ingredient is so easily added into your regime – where it will take immediate effect with long term results if used daily! Hyaluronic acid could be the answer to most of our skincare concerns!

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

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