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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Dry Skin

The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Dry Skin

Anyone with dry skin will tell you it is less than fun. The irritated, itchy and flaking skin is no one’s idea of a good time. Now is a good time to remind you that there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin (more on that here), and they need different treatments. 

Today, we’re focusing on the best vitamins for dry skin to keep those symptoms away. This includes your general dryness, to more extreme concerns like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. So for all of our dry skin beauties, listen up and take notes! 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E and dry skin is a match made in heaven. It has an oil base so it is super nourishing. You might be more familiar with shea butter, which is a rich source of vitamin E. It is what is known in the skincare world as an emollient, which is just a fancy way of saying it helps to strengthen the skin barrier and limit water loss from the skin. 

Vitamin E is also anti-inflammatory, which makes it an ideal vitamin for eczema and other dry skin conditions. So, not only will it deeply moisturise the skin, it will also stop any moisture leaving and sooth any redness and irritation. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (win) and is also a key component of collagen production (double win). If your dry skin is showing up in patches of flakiness, itchiness or sores, vitamin C is where it’s at. Collagen is what helps to keep your skin strong and youthful, so upping your vitamin C is going to heal your skin. We love vitamin C in our dry skin supplements, our foods (think citrus), and because it’s us, our skincare! 

Vitamin D

You may have heard of vitamin D as the sun vitamin; that’s because the skin is triggered to produce it with UV exposure. It is a great vitamin for dry skin as it strengthens the skin barrier, not only healing any flakiness, but also preventing water loss. 

Research has also suggested that skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis (some key culprits of dry skin) can be caused by low vitamin D levels, so if that’s not a reason to reach for your vitamin D dry skin supplements, we don’t know what is. 

Besides supplements, you can also find vitamin D in foods like red meat and fish. Now while it’s true that a little sunlight is great for your vitamin D levels, you know what we’re going to say, right? Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen! 

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

One of our favourites here at esmi, vitamin B3, (also known as niacinamide) is another one of those super ingredients that boosts collagen production to heal any irritation and inflammation. It improves the skin barrier function to keep all of that good hydration locked inside. Vitamin B3 often comes in the form of your skincare ingredients (you’ll find heaps of our products contain this little beauty). 


If you go looking through the ingredients of creams that soothe rashes or itchy skin, you’ll see one thing pop up time and time again: zinc. It has some fantastic anti-inflammatory benefits to prevent redness and dryness. Zinc is such a great supplement for dry skin and if you read just a little further, we’ll tell you about our favourite… 

Fish Oil

Fish oil, packed with Omega-3s, is something you should get familiar with if you’ve got dry skin. The fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and heal the skin by increasing hydration and limiting moisture loss. Fish oil works wonders for eczema, as it deeply nourishes the skin, heals a compromised skin barrier, and keeps water where it should be - in your skin! 

The Best Products for Dry Skin

Luckily, we’ve made things super simple for those of you with dry skin by putting together a handy page with all of our products, perfect for you here. We’re going to run through some of our must-haves. 

The 24K Gold Nourishing Oil is rich in nourishing oils like avocado and jojoba for dry skin, as well as vitamin E. As a general rule, oils are fantastic at protecting the skin barrier and limiting any transepidermal water loss (any hydration leaving the skin). So, not only does this Skin Treat nourish dry skin, it also stops any moisture from disappearing. Sounds pretty good to us! 

Speaking of oils, the Ultra Nourishing Booster Mask is full of the best! It is the perfect relaxation companion and rescues dry skin thanks to rich shea butter and skin strengthening vitamin B3. If your skin needs some extra love, leave this mask on overnight to really soak up that nourishing goodness. 


Repeat after us: you don’t just have to live with the side effects of dry skin. There are some great vitamins and supplements for dry skin that will have you feeling deeply nourished in no time! If you have any other questions about treating dry skin, contact one of our knowledgeable skincare experts today!