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Top Tips For A Fun Pamper Night In

Hosting a pamper night in with your besties is the perfect opportunity to relax, recharge, and get glowing with an A+ skin pampering session.

A self-care date with your favourite people is the chance to slow down, catch up, and check in on how everyone is doing. All while wrapped in a fluffy robe and decadent face mask.

Sound good? Read on for our best tips for hosting a fun pamper night in to treat your skin and raise your happy vibes!

Tennis champ Ash Barty shares her skin routine and her family pamper

Ash Barty's Pamper Night with esmiAussie Tennis superstar Ash Barty is our much loved esmi Skin Minerals brand ambassador.

We chatted to Ash to get the lowdown on her skin, favourite esmi products and why pamper sessions with her mum and sisters are everything!

Tell us Ash, what are your main skin concerns?

My biggest challenge has always been dehydration and dryness, after spending many years training, travelling and playing tennis, it has been difficult to keep my skin hydrated.

How important is your skincare regime to actively treat these concerns?

My skincare regime has become a bit of a home comfort for me and is a routine I keep no matter where I am in the world. Esmi has made it easy for me to care for my skin morning and night, every day of the year.

What changes did you see in your skin once you started using esmi products?

My skin became a lot clearer, I did not have as many breakouts and after big days of practice, I was able to cleanse my skin and replenish it properly. My skin has never been so hydrated!

We’d love to know - what are your favourite esmi products and why?

My favourite esmi products would have to be the Uncomplicated Cleanser with Charcoal and also the Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster Mask. These two products are the perfect mix for me - allowing me to cleanse my skin and then give it some extra love with the hydrating booster mask.

We hear you love organising regular self-care pamper sessions with family and friends?

My sisters and my Mum love any excuse to have a pamper session!!

We try to catch up once a fortnight at least to relax, chat about the kids and enjoy each other’s company. This time at home has given me more opportunities than I would usually get to spend quality time with them which has been so nice.

It’s awesome to have you as an esmi ambasador; what do you value about your partnership with esmi Skin Minerals?

I’m extremely grateful to have the support of such a brilliant company. We are both home grown in Queensland and many of our values align.

I love being around such positive people and working with clean, natural and safe products that are able to bring smiles to faces around not just Australia, but also the world.

With Christmas just around the corner, will esmi skincare make the gift list for family and friends?

Most definitely! I always try to support Australian businesses. Many of my friends have recently tried esmi for the first time and the Mini sets are absolutely perfect for someone travelling or trying new products. Definitely a go-to for Christmas stockings.

Our tips for a fun pamper and self-care night in with your besties

Invite 2 or 3 of your loved ones

Keep your invite list in check - pamper nights work beautifully with smaller groups. Everyone can take their time at each self-care zone (more on those below!) and have the chance to chat properly with each other.

BYO robes, slippers, and hair wrap

Does anything say self-care me time like fluffy robes? Ask everyone to bring a robe, slippers, and hair wrap to create a relaxed spa vibe!

Snack platters with healthy and decadent options

Have platters on offer with a mix of different snacks. Think fruit, fresh veggie sticks and dips, and dark chocolate for healthy options and as well as a few more decadent treats like gourmet cheese, dips, and cupcakes.

A fun, refreshing bar

Want to serve alcoholic drinks? Bellinis are a perfect (and easy!) option but make sure you’ve got delicious non-alcoholic beverages on offer too. Gorgeous skin is all about hydration so mix up a few jugs of water infused with fruit - combinations of berries, citrus, melon, mint, and ginger and all tasty options. Adding a few calming herbal tea options is a nice touch too.

Choose a ‘finale’ night for your Pamper Night In

Is your girl crew fans of the Bachelor or another series?

Schedule your self-care session for the final night of the season. Watching the last episode together wrapped in robes, face masks, and sipping Bellinis is too fun!

Set up different Self-care zones

Create different areas for pampering like a mani and pedi station, face masking, hair treatment, and chill zone. You want to keep them in the same general vicinity but separating areas means everyone isn’t crowding the bathroom sink at once.

Prepare warm, beautifully scented hand towels

Nothing says spa-decadence like fresh, warm, hand towels.

Add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of water and soak each hand towel. Squeeze the water out and roll the towels. After guests arrive, pop them in the microwave to warm up for 10 seconds and release the aroma of the essential oil. Hand them around while they’re still warm!

We love lavender essential oil to calm and citrus blends to energise.

Turn up the self-care mood

Playing music, burning gorgeously scented candles, a few vases of fresh flowers, and fairy lights will help create a luxurious atmosphere. A few simple touches are all you need. 

Top Products for Self-Care Night In

Our esmi picks have got you covered for the perfect self-care night in!


An essential accessory for your cosy self-care night! It will keep flyaway hairs and your fringe away from your face while you cleanse, mask and treat your skin. Essential x 10 if you’ve just straightened your hair!

The Uncomplicated Cleanser with Cleansing Mitt

Every at-home facial starts with a beautiful clean base.

We recommend The Uncomplicated Cleanser to set the tone for the rest of your skin pampering session. Perfect for all skin types and concerns, the cleanser balances skin and won’t leave it dry or tight, just clean, calm, and supple.

Soft Skin Refining Charcoal Clay Booster Mask

Wake up dull skin with this mask’s powerful detoxifying charcoal / clay combination to refine and purify for soft, bright skin. Works wonders on tired, lacklustre skin and suits all skin types, even sensitive skin. Use an esmi Mask Applicator Brush for extra indulgence!

Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

Perfect for all skin types and ages, this serum hydrates from the inside out, restores, repairs and reveals healthy skin with a radiant and hydrated glow.

24K Gold Nourishing Oil

This luxurious 24-karat gold leaf face oil nourishes for a visibly firmer, more youthful complexion - boosts skin elasticity, stimulates collagen production and improves blood circulation.

Get everything you need for the ultimate Pamper Night In with one of our Skin Care Bundles.

Top Tips For A Fun Pamper Night