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Before And After The White Knight Mascara

Before and After The Amazing White Knight Mascara

Meet your lash saviour….The White Knight.

We step you through how to create show stopping lashes with the only mascara you’ll ever need.

Before we get started just make sure your lashes are clean. If you like, you can curl your lashes first but The White Knight creates such a gorgeous curl you really don’t need to!

Step 1: Add Volume to Your Lashes

Here’s how to apply mascara with serious volume using The White Knight!

The *secret* of this mascara before and after transformation is its two-step application wand. The first step is designed for volume and the second for length.

The volumising mode delivers more product to the lashes and the water-resistant "tubing" formula encircles each lash with its own pigmented polymer tube.

These clever smudge-proof tubes keep the volume right up all day and night - without any flaking.

How to apply the White Knight: Volume

Begin with the volume step by unscrewing wand further down the tube for volume mode.

Next, starting at the bottom of the lashes, wiggle the wand back and forth to coating the base of your lashes. This wiggling motion helps keep the lashes separated. This trick for how to apply mascara properly makes a big difference!

Now move the wand upwards to the tip of your lashes, coating each one.

Want a really dramatic before and after mascara result? Keep building with extra coats of mascara until you’re happy with the volume.

Step 1: Add volume to your lashes

Step 2: Lengthen Your Lashes

What’s better than gorgeous thick lashes? Gorgeous thick long lashes.

Let’s add length!

How to apply The White Knight: Length

Unscrew the wand in Length mode - at the top of the tube. The trick is the *2* wands are actually the same one.

When you switch to Length mode, it simply pulls all the excess product off the wand from Volume mode.

The excess product stays inside the tube so there is no wastage!

Using the wand in Length mode allows you to get up close to the lashes and push excess product right to the lash tips - this lengthens them.

Run the wand from the base to the tip of the lashes to maximise this effect.

Step 2: Add Length

Step 3: Enjoy!

Behold - the lashes of your lashiest, lash dreams. You’re welcome.

Removing The White Knight

There’s no panda eyes in this before and after mascara love story.

Ready for the quickest, easiest mascara removal you’ve ever experienced? The White Knight tubing formula is designed to slide off easily with Just. Warm. Water.

That’s right - no makeup remover or cleanser needed. No tugging or pulling either.

Epic thickening, lengthening, water-resistant mascara that comes off without the messy drama? Dreams do come true.

Get The White Knight in your life.

The White Knight Mascara Before and After

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