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Beginner's Guide to Bronzer

We break down how to apply bronzer properly for an envy-inducing, sun-kissed glow instead of a streaky orange mess! Here’s our beginner proof guide for how to apply bronzer the right, radiant way.

Beginner's Guide to Bronzer

What does bronzer do? Your bronzing goal is to add warmth to your skin, not slabs of colour that resemble a fake tan. Done right, bronzer will frame your face with a subtle glow for healthy, sun-kissed looking skin.

Where Does Bronzer Go?

Bronzer isn’t designed to cover your entire face - you’ll end up more orange Oompa Loompa than healthy, bronzed goddess!

So, where does bronzer go? The golden rule for a golden glow is applying bronzer to the areas where the sun naturally hits your skin; cheeks, hairline, and temple. To add a little more definition, bronzer can be applied along your jaw bone too.

Let’s break down how to apply bronzer correctly in each of these 3 places:


Bronzer gives your cheeks and cheekbones beautiful definition and a lit-from-within glow. Where do you put bronzer on your cheeks? Focus on the apple of your cheek and blend along your cheekbone.

Step 1: Take a large, fluffy bronzing brush and swirl it into the bronzing powder and tap off any excess.

Step 2: Run a line of bronzer from your ear to the apple of your cheek.

Step 3: Blend the bronzer out using tiny swirling brush motions. Avoid ‘back and forth’ brush strokes as this won’t deliver the airbrushed, perfectly blended result the swirling motion will. The bronzer on your cheeks should be slightly heavier than your temples and hairline.

Temples and hairline

Applying bronzer to your temple and hairline continues the subtle glow from your cheeks for an even, natural look.

Step 1: Load the brush again, tapping off any excess product.

Step 2: Apply bronzer across your natural hairline by lightly moving the brush in small circular motions, from one temple to the other.


A little bronzer on your jawline gives the illusion of more sculptured features. Remember, bronzer is best used to add warmth and subtle definition rather than a full-on contouring product.

Step 1: With your brush loaded, sweep bronzer along your jawline running from underneath your chin and finishing just before reaching your ear.

Step 2: Next, take a clean brush along your jawline in swirling motions to blend everything together.

How to Apply Bronzer

Choose the right brush

Using the right makeup brush will make a world of difference when applying bronzer. For an even, natural glow using a dome-shaped, soft powder brush is a foolproof choice.

We recommend Crown Brush’s selection of cruelty-free brushes for bronzer and blush application.

Don’t be heavy handed

A light touch is key for getting that subtle sun-kissed shimmer. Being heavy handed can leave you with a thick, streaky look. Using a soft brush, as suggested above, helps keep the application light too.

Remove excess bronzer

Using powder bronzer? You don’t want to go in with too much product at once.

Always tap the brush to remove excess product. It’s easier to build up colour than remove it.

Blend, blend, blend

Bronzer is all about blending for a natural *no streaks here* look. Use small circular motions to blend and make it even easier by applying a very thin layer of loose setting powder before going in with the bronzer.

Best Bronzer Products for Beginner’s

PONi Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer is the best bronzer for beginners.

This silky bronzing ombre pressed powder effortlessly blends from light to a dark bronze for instant, sunkissed luminosity to flatter all skin tones.

Why you’ll love Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer:

  • Ombre powder blends from light to dark bronzer to suit all skin tones
  • Multipurpose: use as a bronzer or eye shadow
  • Silky texture and long-lasting finish
  • Choose matte glow or shimmery radiance
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Your beautifully bronzed glow awaits. Click here to purchase PONi’s Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer.

Infographic: Beginners guide to bronzer