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Header - Recapping Hollywood's Best Brows for 2022

Hollywood's Best Eyebrows 2022

The stars of Hollywood have forever been a source of inspiration for beauty looks. Just think of the winged liner look of Audrey Hepburn, the mile long lashes of Twiggy, or the luscious blowout of Cindy Crawford. When it comes to brows, here at PONi, we’re a little obsessed with the arches of celebrities.

Tinseltown is home to some killer brows and 2021 has shown us just how good they can be. We’ve shortlisted five of our favourites right here (trust us, this was a hard one). Plus, we’ll teach you how to recreate their looks so you can finally say, “stars, they’re just like us!”


Lily Collins - Best Celebrity Eyebrows
Image Credit - Instagram @lilyjcollins

It wouldn’t be a ‘best brows’ list without the queen of the arches herself, Lily Collins. They weren’t always so striking though. Like the rest of us, Lily fell victim to the late nineties trend of over plucking. That was until her mother put an end to that, thank goodness! In fact, now she doesn’t let anyone touch them. In an interview with GLAMOUR UK, she said, “I do it all myself - I simply look in a magnifying mirror, get the tweezers and follow the line. I really think less is more and I like to mess them up.”

If you’re not genetically blessed with Lily’s full arches (because let’s be real, who is?), you’ll want something to help build volume and keep the hairs lifted and in place. The Mane Stain Brow Creme will tint the brows with colour that lasts all day and night. It has buildable pigment and being a creme, locks your brows in place. Grab your Pro Brow Brush and use the spoolie end to brush them up, then dip the brush into the creme and use short strokes to fill in the brows. Let the compliments roll in.


Shay Mitchell - Best Celebrity Eyebrows
Image Credit - Instagram @shaymitchell

Shay Mitchell; an actress whose brows you need to get familiar with ASAP. With arguably some of the best brows on television, she favours a full, brushed up look. A brow lamination without the rigid and borderline crusty effect of lamination - sign us up!

Fill in your brows using the Brow Magic Universal Brow Pencil. Not too heavily though, just enough to create your perfect shape and hide any patchy areas. Now, here’s the step you really don’t want to miss for Shay-esque brows: Brush the brows up (yup, up, not across) using the Zebra Clear Brow Gel to really lock the hairs in place. This will make your arches look that much fuller and fluffier. Basically your brows, but better!


Dua Lipa - Best Celebrity Eyebrows
Image Credit - Instagram @nikki_makeup

Not only is Dua Lipa one of the world’s biggest pop stars of the moment, she has incredible style and some seriously killer brows. No, we’re not jealous at all! Her brow style is thick, thick, thick. The starlet prefers a more unruly look and really makes a case for a low-maintenance vibe. Her brow shape is more on the straighter side, showing that understanding what shape looks best on you is always step number one.

To get brows fit for Dua Lipa, most of us should be beelining for the Lash and Brow Growth Serum. Giving your brows a dose of this serum will stimulate sluggish hair follicles for fuller brows with the kind of volume that would stop traffic. To quickly and easily fill in any sparse patches, the Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil will create soft lines with a fluffy finish, all with pigment to die for.


Zendaya - Best Celebrity Eyebrows
Image Credit - Instagram @zendaya

Our style and beauty icon, Zendaya, has to be on this list. You’ll often catch us drooling over her latest red carpet look and shamelessly zooming in on her brows. There’s an art to the gorgeously natural Zendaya brow; light to dark. Hear us out.

Grab your Brow Duo Powder and your Pro Brow Brush to master this look. Use the lighter shade to fill in the inner corner of your brow to keep this looking natural and avoiding the blocky brows of years past. Once you get to the body of the brow, switch to the darker colour down the tail. This will give you those iconic Zendaya ombré arches that will make them the feature of your look.


Margot Robbie - Best Celebrity Eyebrows
Image Credit - Instagram @margotrobbieofficial

We would be remiss to not include an Aussie icon in our best brows rundown, and who better than Margot Robbie? Being a blonde, anything super thick and heavy in the brow department would look unnatural and just a liiiitle bit crazy. Something light and feathery, with an arch sharp enough to kill thanks to some strategic highlighting will do the trick.

Two of our best selling brow products, the Brow Magic and the Brow Pop! are going to get you there. The Brow Magic is your everyday brow saviour that literally couldn’t be easier to use. Brush your brows up with the spoolie, then create your shape with the sharp precision end. Last but definitely not least, use the highlighting end of the Brow Pop! under the arch to give you an instant facelift that Margot herself would be proud of.

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Infographic - Best Celebrity Eyebrows