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best tips for filling in brows

Best Tips for Filling in Eyebrows

Get the best brows of your life with foolproof ways to fill-in, shape and feather the perfect eyebrows. These tips are gems. Keep reading.

How to fill in eyebrows naturally

Love a great arch?

Aim for natural height (= believable) not super pointy arches straining for the ceiling.

Those = “always surprised” face.

To find the right height for your arch, hold a brow pencil against your nostril and line it up diagonally with the centre of your eye.

This is the spot where your most natural-looking arch should be. 

Fill in eyebrows slowly

It’s much easier to add brow makeup to perfect your look than it is to take the excess away and fix mistakes.

If you’ve loaded your brows with too much product things get messy trying to par down your look. Instead, take it easy and build the colour and intensity of your brows slowly.

Want to intensify the colour of your eyebrow hairs but still pull off a really natural look?

The trick is to avoid getting a lot of the product on your skin. This will darken the appearance of eyebrows over all but result in a bolder look.

Focus instead on adding colour to hairs themselves with light-handed applications of the brow cosmetics you’re using. Keep building until you're happy with the colour.

Love a bold power brow? If you’re using brow powder, add a little water to your angle brush's bristles and then apply powder for more intense colour.

Choosing your eyebrow shade 

Go for a shade slightly lighter than your natural hair colour for a softer look; unless you’re really fair. In that case, it's best to go one to two shades darker with your eyebrows.

Slightly darker brows will frame your face and enhance your eyes more than really light eyebrows.

Still stressed about finding the shade for your perfect brows? Our Brow Magic is a universal brow pencil that solves all your colour uncertainties - one colour suits all.

Brushed up brows

Using a clean, dry spoolie brush your brows upward as it makes them look fuller and gives them more texture. You create a ‘feathered’ appearance - natural looking, fine hair strokes that you can’t achieve if you brush sideways.

Eyebrows are also easier to fill in afterward when they’re brushed upwards.

It’s all in the (soft) flick of your wrist 

The secret to soft, natural-looking hairs? It’s definitely not taking your pencil, gel, or brow powder and drawing your eyebrows on in thick lines. Please don’t do that.

Instead, take your brow makeup of choice and use gentle, small flicking motions in the direction your hair grows naturally to create tiny hair-like strokes.

How to make patchy brows look full 

Let us fill you in on how to fill them in - the right way.

Eyebrow pencil and brow powder work wonders to bridge the straggly spots.

Start with your eyebrow pencil and begin filling in the sparse areas first. Use tiny strokes in the natural direction of your hair to fill in the patches. Move outward to the end of your tail. Continue to lightly fill in the rest of your brow.

Then, take an angled eyebrow brush and dip the brush into your favourite brow powder - load both sides. With small, hairlike strokes move along the natural direction of the brow and work from the inner area to the brow tail.

Brow powder gives a little extra lift and volume to the hairs after the pencil application.

If you only use powder for very sparse brows you might not achieve a long lasting result. Without the pencil (or other brow product) there’s not a lot for the powder to ‘grip’ onto - it can fall easily.

Feeling defeated by thin, straggly arches? Check out 7 tips for thicker eyebrows.

Marking and measuring your brows

To fill in your eyebrows for the most realistic look, you want to find the point where they should ideally start and end.

Do this by placing a brush along the side of your nose. This will show you the most natural place to start filling in your brows.

To find where your brows should end, angle the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. You want the tail of the brow to end at a 45-degree angle from the outside of the eye.

Avoid overly filling in the inside corners of the brows with product or making the tail end too harsh.

Ditch symmetry stress 

Brow symmetry is overrated.

Don’t stress about getting your eyebrows to match perfectly. Think of them as sisters, not twins! They naturally have a little variation in length, width, and height - it’s normal and natural.

Setting your brows

Always blend your powder, pencil or crayon.

After you’ve filled in your brows, take the spoolie end of your brow pencil and gently brush it through the hairs. This helps blend out the colour and soften any harsh lines.

Finally, run a clear eyebrow gel through your brows to set your look in place. 

The perfect brows for your face shape 

Working with your face shape is key if you want to create the perfect eyebrow for your face. 

Team these tips with our cruelty-free brow products and watch your wildest brow dreams come true.

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