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Blush - The Ultimate Multitasking Beauty Essential

Is the ultimate beauty multitasker hiding in plain sight in your makeup stash? Toss out the rulebook - here’s how to use blush for more than your cheeks.

How To Use Blush On Your Eyes

Repurpose your fav cheek colour as eyeshadow.

First, prep your eye area as usual - either with foundation or BB cream.

Next, grab an eyeshadow brush and gently dab it into the blush product and tap off any excess.

Apply as you would a regular eyeshadow blending across your lid and upwards - the higher up you take it, the more dramatic it will look.

Pro tip: How to use blush on your eyes for a super pigmented look? Wetting the brush head with a makeup setting spray, rather than leaving it dry, will give you a more intense colour payoff.

If you’re using a pinkish shade, don’t take it all the way to your lash line - or use eyeliner between the shade and your lashes. Eyes can take on a bit of a strange look if pink is all up there in your lash line.

Your bronzer can make a multi-tasking cameo here too. Depending on the hue of the blush you’re using, applying a little bronzer to the crease of the eye will add depth and warmth.

Cream blushes work just as well as cream eyeshadows too, the creamy texture adds an extra hint of dewy radiance.

Not all shades of blush will be right for your eyes. Soft shimmery peaches, terracotta, and natural plum hues work beautifully. Experiment with different shades and colour intensity to discover which ones really make your eyes stand out.

How To Use Blush On Your Lips

With the help of a little clear lip gloss or balm your powder blush transforms into a gorgeous lip tint that perfectly complements your cheeks.

Start by prepping your lips with a little light exfoliation (a clean, soft toothbrush works a treat) and then apply a clear balm or gloss to your lips.

Tap a clean finger into your powder blush and gently press into your lips over the top of the balm.

Using a really shimmery champagne-hued blush? Dab the powder on the centre of your lips so the colour is most concentrated there. Then, blend a little outwards.

This will draw attention to the centre of your lips to really plump the appearance of your pout.

Those shimmery champagne or peachy hues can also highlight your Cupid's bow. Just dab along your Cupid’s bow - either with your finger or a soft highlighter brush.

Cream blush is easily interchangeable between lips and cheeks. Apply it as a subtle stain for just a hint of colour or build up to a full base colour and finish with clear gloss over the top.

More lip love: 10 Easy Tips For A Fuller Pout

The Cruelty-Free Blush We Can’t Live Without

Now you know how to use blush for lips and eyes, make it happen with PONi Unicorn Candy Blush

An innovative ombré blush with a sunset spectrum of pink hues from soft shimmery peach to bright matte pink.

This silky powder vegan blush is easy to apply, lightweight and flatters all skin tones and types thanks to a palette that blends from a subtle peach glow to a cotton candy pink.

Infographic blush the ultimate multitasking beauty essential