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Choosing the Perfect Makeup for Eyebrows

Love your brows neat and natural, insta- sharp, or somewhere in between? The perfect brow makeup is out there for every arch. We take a look at the most popular types of makeup for eyebrows.




Fake fuller brows in just a few quick flicks with a brow pencil.

A little easier to use than a brow creme and offering more definition than some powders, pencils are the perfect brow makeup for an everyday look.

Fill in, darken, and define your brows all with a pencil. Plus, they make a great base for brow powder - together they’re an excellent brow duo.

While pencils can suit all skin types, if you have oily skin a light application of powder over the top will help set the pencil.

Eyebrow pencil is great for:

  • Filling in sparse patches and tails
  • Natural looking brows
  • Quick, no fuss application
  • Beginners - easy to control
  • Teaming with powder
  • Definition

How To Apply Brow Pencil: The Basics

Using a spoolie, brush your clean, natural eyebrow hairs upwards.

Next, grab your pencil and starting at the bottom use short, soft strokes that mimic the natural hair to fill in any gaps - focus on the sparse areas.

When you’re done, use the spoolie to blend and brush hair up again - this softens any harsh lines to give a more natural look.

Pencil makeup for eyebrows we love: Brow Magic

Our award-winning brow pencil will help you quickly sculpt natural brows. The universal shade makes this the best eyebrow pencil to suit anyone.




Eyebrow creme offers a more colour concentrated result than pencil. It’s perfect for filling in sparse patches and the texture helps set hairs into a smooth arch.

Brow creme usually comes packaged in a small pot so you need to team it with an eyebrow brush for application. A small, angled, densely packed brow brush is perfect for creating realistic hairline strokes, detailing, and outlining arches.

A big plus for eyebrow creme is its long-lasting wear. Many formulas are waterproof so rain and sweat won’t ruin your perfect brow makeup.

Brow cream can be a little more tricky to apply than a pencil. If you’re a beginner, take your time and don’t rush the application - remember practice makes perfect. One of the mistakes with brow creme is using way too much of it. Less is more!

Eyebrow creme is great for:

  • Long lasting wear
  • Deep colour pay off
  • Creating natural or bold looking brows
  • Very sparse brows
  • Smooth and set brows

How To Apply Brow Creme: The Basics

Very gently tap your angled brush into the pot to pick up enough product to create a light line.

It’s best to start light and build up over a few applications. Otherwise, you’ll quickly end up with harsh, blocky looking brows.

Take the brush and start just underneath your brow hair and use short, light strokes to build the outline along your brow. Begin feathering the product upwards in the hair very lightly to fill out the rest of the brow shape.

Use the spoolie end of your brush to lightly brush through the hairs - this helps create a more natural look.

Creme makeup for eyebrows we love: Mane Stain Brow Creme

A soft waterproof eyebrow cream to tint brows with a natural-looking colour and instant volume boost that lasts all day long.




Powder is ideal for filling in sparse patches and increasing volume. It’s the perfect brow makeup to achieve a soft, natural look although you don’t get quite the same precision as a pencil.

Want a bolder brow? Powder can also deliver a stronger look to prevent your brows getting lost in a full face of makeup. Just keep building the application until you’re happy with the intensity.

Eyebrow powder teams beautifully with brow pencil, too. Powder helps set the pencil - making it last longer and adding fullness.

Because powder helps absorb oil, low-oil formulations are a good choice if you have an oily skin type. When it comes to selecting a brow powder hue, choose one close to your hair colour.

Eyebrow powder is great for:

  • A soft, natural look or a bolder arch
  • Filling in sparse patches
  • Teaming with eyebrow pencil
  • Oily skin types

How To Apply Brow Powder: The Basics

Lightly dip the brush into the eyebrow powder. Move the brush upward using light, feather-like strokes. Keep building the application until you’ve reached the desired intensity. Finish the look by swiping on clear brow gel for long-lasting hold.

Powder makeup for eyebrows we love: Brow Duo Powder

The most pigmented brow product of the PONi range, this two shade combo allows you to customise colour intensity. Perfect for stand-out brows when you’re wearing a full face of makeup.Build dimension by blending shades to create an ombré brow, light natural brow or deeper glam brow.


Highlight And Hold: Double Down On Your Brow Efforts


Your perfect brow makeup doesn’t stop at pencils, creams, and powders - brow highlighter and setting gel will seriously upgrade your look.

Brow highlighter

Highlighter really makes your brow efforts pop.

When you highlight beneath the brow it accentuates your brow bone, defines your eye area and makes your eyes look brighter. We say yes please to all of the above.

Take your highlighter and starting from just beneath the arch, blend it along your brow bone outward to the tail. A little goes a long way so be subtle with your approach.

As well as highlighting under the brow bone, dab a little highlighter in the corner of your eyes for extra luminosity.

We love: Brow Pop

Multi-purpose creamy, brow highlighter, concealer and eyeshadow base for a brighter, visibly lifted brow area.

Brow gel

Brow gel is the can’t-skip-step for the ultimate long wearing, perfectly polished look.

Clear brow gel helps set the hairs in place and keep them there. After you’ve finished your look, gently apply the eyebrow gel following the direction of eyebrow hairs.

Oh and if you’re lucky enough naturally amazing brows, a few swipes of brow gel is really the only thing you need to polish your look.

We love: Zebra Clear Brow Gel


Infographic choosing perfect makeup for eyebrows