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Cruelty Free Eyebrow Makeup Explained

Love animals and your brows? Choose cruelty free eyebrow makeup to ethically lift your beauty game.

Nasty things go on in laboratories when cosmetic ingredients are tested on animals. Our gentle friends are put through hideous experiments and live short, painful lives trapped in cages. Let’s end their suffering and give them a voice by choosing cruelty free beauty.

Cruelty Free Eyebrow Makeup

We never test our eyebrow makeup or any of the PONi range on animals. There are safe, MORE effective ways to test the formulations of everything from your mascara to your brow makeup.

If you’re obsessed with having the perfect brow (ps - we think you should be!) get obsessed with finding the perfect cruelty free eyebrow makeup too. Our new Brow Magic Pencil keeps brows WOW and bunnies safe. Winning.