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Cruelty Free Mascara. Your Compassionate Beauty Routine

Cruelty free cosmetics are changing the way we do beauty. Ethical babes are rocking looks with everything from cruelty free mascara to brow powder and bronzers to make the world a safer place for our sweet animal friends. It’s clear we care more than ever how our products are made and who they’ve been tested on. Here’s how you can level up to a more compassionate, cruelty free beauty routine and why you should!

What are cruelty free cosmetics?

Animals go through some seriously torturous stuff all in the name of beauty. Choosing cruelty free cosmetics can help save bunnies, mice and other animals from miserable laboratory lives. A beauty product is cruelty free if it hasn’t been tested on animals at any stage during the production or manufacturing process.

So, how are cruelty free cosmetics created safely?

There are a bunch of alternative methods to animal testing and yep, they can actually be more effective. Cruelty free cosmetics are tested using options like in-vitro method, or on real life humans who volunteer to trial ingredients used in the season's boldest brow powder.

When coming up with their latest and greatest product formulations, brands also have their pick of literally thousands of ingredients already approved as safe for human use. Crafting new cosmetic formulas with ingredients on the ‘This Stuff Is Ok For Humans!’ list means no further testing is required.

It’s happening. The cruelty free beauty revolution

The cruelty free beauty revolution is happening in a #major way. Conscious beauties are purchasing with their hearts, not just their dollars. Research tells us almost half of Aussie women who use cosmetics cared whether a product was cruelty free or not.

Social media has played a massive role in raising awareness about the plight of millions of animals trapped in labs. Global petitions and campaigns like #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting have challenged us to raise our compassion vibe and live a little more thoughtfully.

Cruelty free mascara, lip gloss, foundation, brow powder, lipstick and pretty much every other cosmetic beauty product are now offered by cruelty free brands.

Some online retailers have made it even easier to find cruelty free products by introducing filters to help you search for animal-friendly products.

We’re animals lovers here at PONi Cosmetics. Our range is cruelty free so you can rock that bold look with a clear conscious.

The White Knight - PONi Cosmetics

PONi Cosmetics White Knight Tubing Mascara - $30 - Buy Here.

Transition to compassionate beauty with cruelty free mascara

A guilt-free glow? Always on trend. Overhauling your current cosmetics stash for a cruelty free swag might feel a little overwhelming but don’t stress, it doesn’t need to be. Start with one product! Why not begin with mascara? Smudge proof and waterproof mascara do exist! Get your hands on the perfect cruelty free mascara to lengthen, darken, curl, and deliver serious lash volume.

Our White Knight Tubing Mascara is adored by PONi Cosmetics fans. Smudge proof and waterproof, it’s cruelty free mascara that lengthens and thickens without clumping. No panda eyes ever, just your new, compassionate lashes! Now you’ve taken the first step and bagged yourself a cruelty free mascara, here are a few more tips for your ethical makeup makeover.

One product at a time

Want to switch to cruelty free? Continue to update your beauty stash one product at a time as you finish each item. That bold red lipstick you love? Why not try searching for its equal in a cruelty free range. Making small changes reduces overwhelm! It’s also really wasteful to bin half-used products because they’re made by an animal testing brand, use it up then make the swap.

Do your research

Making ethical choices at the supermarket (think free range eggs) is easy. Doing the same for your makeup can be a little trickier. Google is your best friend when it comes to finding out everything you need to know about cruelty free beauty. Discover the brands that still test on animals (you’ll be surprised!) and those who take a firm cruelty free stance.

Find your cruelty free beauty crowd online

Check out Facebook groups and Insta feeds dedicated to cruelty free beauty related finds, hints, tips and advice. Follow Poni Cosmetics too, we’re always sharing beauty inspo and tutorials on Facebook and Instagram!

Use the apps

Found an amazing smudge proof mascara but not sure if it’s cruelty free? There’s a bunch of handy apps that can tell you everything you need to know by scanning the barcode.

Don’t forget your makeup brushes

While you’re trading up your cosmetics for cruelty free choices why not swap your beauty tools for vegan options? You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to makeup brushes and brow grooming tools that aren’t made from any animal hair.

Have you made the switch to cruelty free cosmetics? What product was the hardest to replace?