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The Biggest Problems With Your Everyday Makeup Routine And How You Can Fix Them

We’ve got some tricks and easy fixes to solve the biggest beauty woes of your everyday makeup routine.

Problem #1 - Your foundation disappears or looks caked on

Your base sets the tone for the rest of your everyday makeup look, so it’s important to get it right! This anti-caking tip is loved by many makeup gurus and may actually change your life.

Mix two to three drops of oil with your foundation before you apply it. Cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil or cold-pressed rosehip are great options.

Why? It adds extra hydration to the skin and makes it appear more luminous, avoiding that caked on look. Adding oil won’t change the formulation of your foundation and powder applied later will look flawless, not clumpy.

You might already know it’s a bit of a crime not to prime when it comes to giving your foundation real, long-lasting staying power. But even with a primer, are you finding that foundation slides off areas like your nose, chin, upper lip, and centre forehead?

Try using an eyeshadow primer in these areas instead and your usual primer everywhere else.

An eyeshadow primer that dries down to a matte finish will lock in your foundation in areas it usually slides off.

Problem #2: You’ve chosen the wrong colours

When you pick the colour of your foundation, you need to think about 2 things, tone, and undertone.

The tone is light, medium, dark while the undertone is actually the ‘hidden’ colour. A big problem with your everyday makeup routine is choosing a foundation with the right tone, but the wrong undertone.

You can tell what colour your undertone is by taking a look at the colour of the veins on your wrist. If they have a greenish hue, you have a yellow undertone and a bluish hue means you have more of a cool tone. If you can’t really tell, you’re likely to have a neutral undertone, which is a combination of both.

When it comes to eyeshadow colour, here’s a quick guide to nailing the right hue for everyday makeup.

Blue eyes: Purple and lavender can make your eyes look grey /blue. Rust with teal or brown colours is also a good choice to make blue eyes pop.

Green eyes: A mustard or peach colour will make your eyes look brighter. Team with chocolate, taupe or gold shadow for a nighttime look.

Brown eyes: A gorgeous choice is a rich brown or burgundy. You can take your pick of navy or midnight blue too.

Problem #3 - You’re stuck in a makeup rut

Giving your everyday makeup look an overhaul can really be quite intimidating. It might seem safer to stick with the everyday makeup routine you’ve had for years...but are you missing out?

Updating your look can be fun, confidence boosting and it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming! It’s also important if you’ve had a dramatic change in hair colour.

One of your best resources to update your everyday makeup routine is YouTube. There are a gazillion video tutorials for every look you can think of. Search YouTube for a look you’d like to try, like ‘smokey eye’ or ‘simple makeup for everyday’ and pick a video - and a YouTuber - that resonates with you.

Spend some time practicing new techniques and as your old makeup runs update it with new colours or brands. This is also a good opportunity to make the swap to cruelty free options!

Problem #4 - Your highlighting, not hiding, fine lines

Are you applying a lot of concealer really close to the lash line of your eye? This isn’t helping your wrinkle hiding efforts.

The majority of fine lines and wrinkles appear around our eyes but it's an area that has a lot of movement.

The more product you apply there, the more it will crease and make those fine lines even more prominent. Instead, taper off the concealer application a little before the lash line.

This will also make your eyes appear a little bigger whereas taking the concealer right up to the edge can close them up.

Problem #5 - You’re not cleaning your makeup tools regularly

Using dirty makeup tools in your everyday makeup routine is a big problem. Let’s be honest...how often do you clean yours?

Avoiding breakouts and acne is the biggest reason to keep tools clean. Bacteria and dead skin cells get caught up in the bristles and foams of your makeup applicators. Using dirty brushes on clean skin will clog your pores, spread bacteria and bring those breakouts on.

Colour application of eyeshadows, blush, and highlighters is also better with clean tools. Shades become muddied with all different colours if you don’t wash your brushes frequently.

Wash your sponge applicators as part of everyday makeup routine and brushes on a weekly basis.

Problem #6 - Forgetting your brows

A great pair of brows does wonders for your face and if you don’t believe us just Google ‘celebrities without brows’.

Don’t forget to show your brows some love! Even if you do very little else with your face get your brows right and you’ll nail a simple everyday makeup look that is polished yet natural. Check out our brow dos and don’ts right here.

Having easy to use brow tools with epic staying power in your makeup arsenal will make nailing the perfect brow effortless!

The Biggest Problems With Your Everyday Makeup Routine And How You Can Fix Them