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How to Apply Perfect Base Makeup

How to Apply Perfect Base Makeup

Everything you need to achieve makeup base perfection. Skilfully applied, the right foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlighter will have your face looking smooth, glowing, and defined. Here’s how to do it!  

Prep and Prime  

Achieving a flawless air-brushed makeup base all starts with prepping the real base - your skin.  

Step 1: Cleanse with a gentle cleanser and then follow with your usual skincare routine. Including any products that boost your natural glow in this step - like brightening serums - will translate to a more luminous makeup look too.  

Step 2 (day time): Use a non-greasy, easily absorbed sunscreen to protect your skin. 

If you’ve got time, allow at least 10 minutes between finishing your skincare application and getting started on your base makeup.  


Before we jump into the application, let’s quickly look at the basics of choosing the right foundation for your skin.  

Type of coverage 

Sheer: Skin playing nice? Let your natural glow shine with a sheer foundation. These formulas are described as ‘sheer’ or ‘lightweight’. BB cream is also a great alternative to foundation for a lightweight finish.  

Medium: Like to even out your skin tone and cover a few blemishes but still rock a natural skin finish? Go for medium coverage.   

Full: Full coverage is designed to completely cover your skin and any skin concerns you’d like to even out and conceal.  

How to apply foundation  

We recommend applying your foundation with a brush for the smoothest, streak-free results.  

Step 1: Using your fingers, dab small dots of foundation across your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.  

Step 2: Take your foundation brush and using soft, short strokes start in the centre of your face and blend the dots of foundation outward. Blend baby, blend! It’s the key to a streak-free, even finish.   

Step 3: Need more coverage? Add more foundation and keep blending. 


Let’s just clear up some common concealer confusion - concealer should be applied after foundation, not before. Your foundation provides a base to blend with the concealer for the best, most natural coverage results.  

How to apply concealer 

Step 1: Apply several dots of product to areas / blemishes you’d like to conceal.  

Apply under the eyes and a dot to the inside corners of the eyes, around the nose to conceal any redness, and any other blemishes or discolouration.  

Step 2: For best results, use a concealer brush to blend it into your base foundation. 

Step 3: Apply a second layer if you’d like more coverage.  

Contour & Highlight  

The final phase of flawless face base makeup is contouring and highlighting.  

At this stage in the makeup application, your face is ‘flat’ looking with the foundation and concealer. Highlighting and contouring will help sculpt and define your features.  

So, what’s the difference between bronzer and highlighter?  

Bronzer: Adds definition to frame your face with a subtle glow for healthy, sun-kissed looking skin.  

A stronger application can also act in a similar way to a contouring product by emphasising the angles and hollows of your face - your cheeks, nose, and jawline. However, it’s best to use bronzer to add warmth and subtle definition rather than full-on contouring. 

Highlighter: This shimmery goodness helps the light catch the highpoints of your face to highlight and complement your contouring efforts.  

How to apply bronzer 

Step 1: Grab your bronzing brush, load it with product and tap off excess. Using a soft hand sweep the brush along your cheekbones, jaw and bridge of your nose.   

Step 2: Using small, swirling motions, blend the product in until you’re happy with the definition and depth of colour.  

Meet the only bronzer you’ll ever need - PONi Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer. A silky bronzing pressed powder, the ombre palette blends beautifully from light to a dark bronze. The result is long-lasting sunkissed luminosity to flatter all skin tones. 

How to apply highlighter 

Time to add a little shimmer and subtly enhance your natural bone structure. When choosing a highlighter, go 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. 

Step 1: Take a fan-shaped highlighter brush, load the product, and dust off excess.  

Step 2: Lightly trace the brush above your cheekbones, brow bone and the tip of your nose.  

Step 3: Use your finger to apply a little of the product to the inner corner of your eyes and your cupid’s bow.  

Searching for the perfect highlighter for your base makeup? Search no more. PONi’s Unicorn Champagne Highlighter suits every complexion and works for every look.   

This silky ombré powder highlighter gives you a whole spectrum of shimmer, from soft champagne dayglow to a warm champagne sparkle. Build and sculpt until the highlight level is just right for cheeks, brow bone, nose and eyes. 

Ready to Go! 

Annnnnd...your flawless makeup base is complete. From here you can go ahead and apply eye and lip products or rock a more natural no-makeup makeup look.   

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