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How to Sweat Proof Your Makeup

How to Sweat Proof Your Makeup

Anyone who wears makeup knows that it doesn’t mix well with hot days. Summers can wreak havoc on your makeup, making it slide down to your knees by the end of the day. Don’t even get us started on sweat, or as we call it, natural highlighter.

There is good news, though! We’ve got the tips and tricks you need to sweat proof your makeup, whether you’re battling those warm days or long nights of dancing (and maybe tequila).

Lock in Your Base

When it comes to makeup that’s going to last through the hottest of hot days, the key lies in nailing your base - it's what is going to keep your makeup from slipping.

Grab your favourite primer (if you don’t know where to start, grab one that reduces shine to keep things matte all day) and layer that on top of your sunscreen, because you’re wearing sunscreen, right? Then it is time for your foundation. Go for a long-wearing option that will take anything you throw at it. The secret to sweat proof makeup? Top off your base with the Translucent Mineral Powder from our sister brand, esmi Skin Minerals. Use the Kabuki Brush to gently press the translucent powder into the face and trust us, your stunning makeup ain’t going anywhere. Oh, and keep the translucent powder in your bag for on-the-go touch ups during those extra hot days.

Eyes and Brows

With the right products, your brows will be saying “keep it moving, sweat” in no time. The Mane Stain Brow Creme is seriously some of the best waterproof makeup. This long lasting brow product builds colour and fullness - sparse brows no more! Use the Pro Brow Brush to brush your brows up, then dip the angled end into the product and fill in with short, hair-like strokes. Lock your arches in with the Zebra Clear Brow Gel and sweat doesn’t stand a chance.

If you love a bold eyeshadow look (umm, hello talented!), you’re going to need a base to keep it in place, because you worked hard on that. Want to know a secret? The Brow Pop! makes the best eyeshadow primer. Swipe it over your lids and lock it in with that translucent powder from before. Then you’re good to work your magic on your lids for the ultimate sweat proof makeup.

While we love a smudged eyeliner look, it’s not a vibe if it is thanks to sweat. The Pegasus Liquid Eye Liner is water resistant and won’t run. Whether you want something a little low key or a graphic liner look, this beauty is going to be your new favourite.

Speaking of passing on panda eyes, The White Knight Mascara is a smudge-proof and an incredible waterproof makeup option. It is the best tubing mascara thanks to its volumising and lengthening talents - seriously, check out all of those five star reviews. If you’re worried about your mascara running on summer days, you’re totally safe!

Just because it is warm outside doesn’t mean you can’t rock a killer makeup look that lasts all day. Shop all of our products here for the ultimate sweat proof makeup.