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Lip makeup. Easy tips for a fuller pout

How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

You don’t have to go the filler path to get yourself a pillowy Kylie Jenner pout. Our lip makeup tips and a little prep work can deliver a subtly accentuated mouth or your most ambitious pout ever!

Prep your lips

Before we get to the lip makeup tips, you need to get your lip prep on.


It’s not just your skin that benefits from a fresh exfoliation sesh.

Gently buffing your lips before adding lip makeup removes any dry skin clinging to your lips (never a good look) and also boosts blood circulation.

Coconut sugar makes a great exfoliant. Massage a tiny amount of coconut sugar in circular motions onto damp lips with your fingertips or a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Behold, the smoothest base ever for your lip makeup.

Hydrate and moisturise

Sipping H20 on the regular is a natural way to nourish your lips for your best pout ever.

Fine lines begin to appear around your mouth when you’re dehydrated - this can make your lips look a little on the shrivelled side.

Along with chugging your daily water quota, keep your lips supple with a moisturising balm like our Lip Magic Balm.

Lip makeup tips for a fuller pout

Start with concealer

This tip will change your lip game forever.

For the perfect lip makeup application, start by blotting the lip with concealer or foundation.

This will blur the line between your lips and your skin meaning you can slightly over line your lip shape easily - more on overlining in a moment.

We love that it acts as a primer too, filling in any lines and giving your lip makeup serious staying power.

By blotting out your natural lip colour, this technique also helps the lipstick stay true to its colour - the red and pink tones of your lips can alter how the colour appears.

Overlining your lips….the right way

Overlining is the classic fake-a-pouty-lip makeup tip.

Here’s how you do it:

Choose a lip liner that matches or is just a shade darker than your natural lip colour.

First, line the lip along your natural lip line. This will help in the next step to let you move little by little when you overline.

Now, use the liner to draw slightly (and we mean slightly) outside your natural lip line then fill the rest of the lip in. This will give the illusion of larger lips and provide a base for the next lip product you apply.

Pro tip - Focus your over lining around the Cupid’s bow. The closer you get to the corners of your mouth, the more you should follow your natural lip line. You don’t want it to look really obvious you’ve drawn your lips on!

The two-tone trick

This lip makeup trick is the EASIEST way to add dimension to your pout - and dimension is the secret to making it pop!

First, apply a single shade across your entire mouth.

Next, take a shade lighter than the base colour and add a little of the lighter colour just to the centre of your lips to create the illusion of fullness.

This tip is seriously foolproof. We recommend trying it with Brow Pop as the lighter shade - it’s a multipurpose creamy highlighter in a soft peachy hue ideal for perfect for lips and brows.

Gloss up

By dabbing just a little gloss right in the centre of your bottom and top lip, you instantly up your pout game.

Highlight your cupid’s bow

You can also dab just a touch of highlighter along your Cupid’s bow - either with your finger or a soft highlighter brush.

We love a champagne-toned highlighter for this lip makeup trick. Try our Unicorn Champagne Highlighter for an irresistible burst of radiance.

Try a plumping balm

Lip plumping balms are formulated with ingredients like cinnamon or menthol which encourages a plumping action. When applied, these ingredients stimulate blood to rush to the surface of your lips. The result? A subtle and temporary plumping of the lips.

Double down on the concealer

How can you really make your lip makeup pop?

By lining the outside of your mouth - after you’ve applied lipstick - with concealer and a lip brush. This simple tip brings amazing sharpness and vibrancy to your lip colour.

Contour underneath your bottom lip

Grab a small fluffy makeup brush for contouring and dip it in a little bronzer and very lightly brush it back and forth below the bottom lip. Contouring below the lip helps to bring it ‘forward’ and creates the illusion of fullness.

Your puffiest, poutiest lips ever await.

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