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Make Up That Is Good For Your Skin

Hands up if you’ve ever not worn makeup because it breaks you out, clings to dry patches, or shifts around throughout the day. Go on, put those hands up! Want to know a secret? There is such a thing as makeup that is good for your skin. We know, we were shocked too!  

That means you can experience that confidence boost and the beautiful artistry of makeup, without damaging your skin. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of makeup with skincare.  

Ingredients in Makeup That are Good For Your Skin 

Makeup that lasts all day, doesn’t dry out your skin, and doesn’t block your pores really isn’t too much to ask for. You just need to know what to look for when you’re stocking your makeup bag.  

Mineral makeup has a cult following in our office, and for very good reason! It is light, doesn’t clog pores, and is packed with skin-loving minerals like zinc and iron - so it’s like makeup with skincare. It does not include oils and fragrances, which means it is great for those with oily or sensitive skin - plus everyone else! Zinc also gives you a little extra UV protection - in addition to the sunscreen you’re wearing, right? The best part of mineral makeup is how light it feels on the skin. Seriously, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.  

If you have oily skin, consider makeup with clay in it. No, we haven’t lost our minds, bear with us! Clay helps to absorb excess sebum and that means less acne. Kaolin clay is especially non-irritating and helps to calm any redness.  

Hyaluronic acid in makeup is an absolute dream for dry skin. Think of it like a big drink of water, it keeps the skin hydrated and plump. So, if makeup tends to cling to and emphasise dry patches, using makeup with hyaluronic acid will keep that flakiness at bay.  

Speaking of those of us with dry skin, vitamin E (or as it commonly shows up in an ingredient list, shea butter) is ultra nourishing and moisturising. It helps to protect the skin barrier and stops any hydration loss.  

Ingredients in Makeup to Avoid 

For all of our oily skinned beauties, you’re going to want to avoid comedogenic ingredients in your makeup (as well as in your skincare). They are more likely to clog pores and for acne-prone skin, that’s a hard pass, thank you. Avoid ingredients like coconut, palm or avocado oils. If you have dry skin, they shouldn’t cause any problems but aren’t the go for oily skin.  

Parabens and synthetic fragrances can also irritate sensitive skin and should be avoided wherever possible. They can cause redness, itchiness or in some extreme cases, an allergic reaction. Plus, they’re just not going to do anything good for your skin so why take the risk? 

Makeup Products That are Good For Your Skin 

By now, you’ll know we’re life-long members of the mineral makeup fan club. All of the PONi Cosmetics Cheek Makeup is mineral makeup, so they don’t contain any oils or pore-clogging ingredients. They are also super blendable and won’t cling to any dry patches. They are seriously great for any and all skin types. Oh, and did we mention how darn pretty they are? Cover all bases with the Chocolate Bronzer, the Champagne Highlighter and the Candy Blush. The trio are highly pigmented, vegan and contain ingredients that are good for the skin.  

While we’re on our favourite topic of mineral makeup, our sister esmi Skin Minerals has a beautiful range of mineral base makeup, including the Liquid Mineral Foundation and the Mineral BB Cream. They feel so lovely and light on, are great for all skin types, and will not clog your pores. They both contain SPF 15 protection, which is a little bonus on top of your sunscreen protection.  

Both the BB Cream and Liquid Foundation have hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin, as well as vitamin E to keep all of that moisture locked in. If you’re a full coverage lover, go for the Liquid Mineral Foundation, and if you prefer something a little lighter, the BB Cream is the way to go.  

If your skin is on the oily side, no doubt you’re already best friends with a translucent powder. The esmi Translucent Mineral Powder will keep your makeup in place and minimise shine, as all good powders should, but is also makeup with skincare. It contains aloe vera to calm any acne irritation, as well as kaolin clay to absorb oils and sebum so they don’t clog your pores. What a clever little thing!   

Flaky, congested, irritated skin after a day of makeup? Yeah, we don’t know her. It’s time to switch to makeup that is good for the skin. Shop our full range of makeup here