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Essential Makeup Hacks for Beginners

Essential Makeup Hacks for Beginners

Makeup life hacks every newbie needs to know. Tips for struggle-free winged liner, multi-task products, salon worthy brows and epic lashes.

Read on for our beginner’s guide to makeup hacks that will change your beauty game.

1. Blush is the ultimate multitasker

Blush is the ultimate multitasker and one of the best makeup life hacks you’ve got to know about.

It’s perfect for beginners (and those who love a minimalist makeup kit) because do-it-all blush can be used for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Using an ombre blush helps achieve a cohesive look, easily. PONi Unicorn Candy Blush is an ombre palette that suits all skin tones and allows you to achieve a spectrum of colour.

So, how exactly can you use blush for eyes and lips? Find out how here.

2. Tape it to shape it

This is one of our favourite makeup hacks to achieve perfect winged eyeliner.

Every. Single. Time

Applying a smooth, crisp flick with liquid liner can be pretty intimidating for beginners but this tape trick banishes wobbly line stress.

Here’s how to do perfect winged eyeliner with tape:

  • Cut a 3 cm piece of makeup tape
  • Place the tape along your eye at a diagonal, depending on the type of wing you want
  • Apply eyeliner along the tape line. For a more dramatic eye, you’ll want to draw further along the tape. For a more subtle wing, keep the line shorter
  • Follow your lash line to finish the rest of the eye
  • Remove the tape
  • Behold, a crisp, sharp wing

Learn more tricks for perfect winged liner here.

3. Perfect your brows with concealer

Brow makeup tips for beginners don’t get better than this.

Use a concealer to cover stray hairs and make your eyebrows look salon fresh all day long.

With a brush or your finger, simply apply a light layer of concealer under the brow and blend. This makeup hack also instantly shapes and defines your brows to make them pop!

We recommend Brow Pop 3-in-1 Highlighter. This brilliant multi-tasker can be used to conceal, highlight and create an eyeshadow base.

4. Use a lash serum to boost natural lashes

Darker, thicker, longer lashes and brows? Yes please.

One of our makeup life hacks to enhance your natural beauty is using a lash serum on your brows and lashes. Not all serums can be used for both, but PONi Lash and Brow Serum can be!

Safe and effective, this super serum can help fill in patchy, straggly brows and encourage longer, thicker lashes - naturally.

5. Tubing mascara

Using a tubing mascara is one of the easiest makeup hacks we know to achieve epic, clump free length.

What’s so special about tubing mascara? Unlike traditional mascara which can quickly clump short or fine lashes with coat after coat, each tube grabs the individual lash and lifts. The result is a clean, wide-awake effect with effortless length.

If you make a mistake, you can simply brush the tubes off with a little spoolie brush or cotton tip. Easy.

We recommend getting The White Knight Mascara in your kit.

Not only is The White Knight a tubular formula, this genius mascara is also enriched with lash growth and conditioning ingredients to improve the state of your natural lashes.

6. Universal brow pencil for a more forgiving finish

More brow makeup tips for beginners: use a universal brow pencil!

You can’t go wrong with a shade that complements all types of skin tones and hair colours. Universal brow pencil is ideal for beginners because it’s simple to create full, natural looking arches.

Using a brow pencil also makes it a little easier to apply than an eyebrow wax or powder. We recommend checking out our best selling universal brow pencil Brow Magic.

Browse the full PONi range of lip, brow, and cheek makeup right here.

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