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A Guide to No-Makeup Makeup

No makeup makeup is all about creating a real, fresh look with minimal products. The goal? To look like you - but on your best, glowing day. You know, the days when you *actually* drink enough water and get 8 hours sleep. Below is exactly how to make your flawless no makeup look happen.

Prep Your Skin

How you prep your skin is everything when it comes to achieving a natural, no makeup makeup look.

Skincare prep

Begin your skincare routine with a gentle cream cleanser to remove excess oil and build up from your pores to create a clean supple base. Bonus glow points if you use a cleanser with brightening ingredients to boost your skin’s natural radiance!

Next, gently exfoliate to remove any flaky, dry skin and clear pores for a smooth surface then follow with a hydrating serum for plump, extra dewy skin.

Finally, moisturise with a light face oil (suitable for use under makeup) or moisturising lotion and apply SPF.


Skip the full coverage foundation. You want a barely-there base for your no makeup makeup look. A mineral BB cream or a light, mineral powder foundation are both good options to give you some coverage while still radiating a natural vibe.

Perfect Brows

The secret to the most gorgeous no makeup makeup? Ah-mazing brows.

By making brows the focus of your look (without going over the top) you’ll frame and balance your face. Well groomed brows will help you look polished but natural.

The key is to go for a soft brow look and steer clear of harsh lines. When the rest of your face has a subtle no makeup makeup look, you don’t want to go in for heavy, thick, drawn on looking brows. They’ll be totally out of place.

Brow powder is a great way to create a softer, natural looking brow. Powder allows you to fill in your arches without strong lines and adds a nice ‘fluffy’ finish to enhance your brow hairs.

We love Brow Duo for a no makeup makeup look. This high pigment, 2 shade mineral brow powder delivers naturally defined, thicker looking brows.

With two tones, the colour intensity is customisable to find your ideal colour match. Team with Pro Brow Brush for a flawless application.

Once you’ve applied the powder, set your look in place with Zebra Brow Gel. Brush the gel upwards through the hairs to continue the fluffy, natural look.

If you’ve been blessed with naturally lush, envy-inducing brows that don’t need filling in, you can skip the powder and go straight for the brow gel. Using a gel helps set your brows in place and adds a subtle sheen for a bright, awake looking eye area.

Pinky-Toned Lips

Your lips but better! A tinted balm will add a flush of natural looking colour to your lips. There’s a shade of pink to flatter all skin tones with a subtle but pretty sheen.

We recommend the PONi Lip Magic balm for a creamy finish and pink pout. The magic thing about this balm is that it adjusts to the pH of your lips to create your perfect shade of pink!

Before applying the lip balm in your no makeup makeup routine, make sure you’ve prepped your lips with a light exfoliation. This helps promote blood circulation and clears away any dry skin for a smooth base. Buffing your pout with a soft bristled toothbrush is a brilliant way to gently exfoliate your lips.

Naturally flushed

There’s something so fresh and natural about flushed cheeks. Your no makeup cheek vibes are all about using blush in a shade perfect for your skin tone to warm up your cheeks and enhance your cheekbones.

Using a very light hand and a fluffy brush, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks where you naturally blush. Get tips on applying blush for your face shape with our ultimate guide to blush here.

PONi Unicorn Candy blush is the ultimate ombré blush for your no makeup makeup.

With universally flattering shades of shimmery peach to matt pink, the silky ombre palette allows you to find the perfect match for your skin tone.

Lightweight and buildable the blush is easy to apply with a lighter touch for natural #wokeuplikethis cheeks.

Browse the entire PONi collection today. The range includes vegan, cruelty free, multi-purpose and universally flattering cheek, brow, and eye makeup.

A Guide to No-Makeup Makeup