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Summer Makeup Trends

Summer Makeup Trends

The prettiest, easy-to-do summer makeup trends with multi-purpose makeup. These looks are about creating summer kissed lips, cheeks, and lids teamed with glistening skin and effortless brows. Summer beauty doesn’t get easier.

Rose Glow

Inspired by fresh, pink shades, this summer is all about a rosy glow on your cheeks, lips, and lids. We love how low-key, light and pretty this simple summer makeup look is and you’ll love how easy it is to create!

What you’ll need for Rose Glow summer makeup

How to create the look

Cheeks: A few swirls of blush on your cheeks gives you a fresh, glowing look to brighten your face while still keeping your look subtle and natural.

Take a fluffy brush, swirl it into the Unicorn Candy Blush tap off excess and apply it right to the apples of your cheeks. One of the best things about this blush is it builds from a light peachy pink to a full candy pink so you can customise the colour to suit your skin tone.

Find out how to apply blush like a pro according to your face shape.

Eyes: Summer eye makeup doesn’t get prettier - or easier - than this. Unicorn Candy Blush is a multi-purpose product so you can use it as an eyeshadow too!

Dip your eyeshadow brush into the blush starting with the peachy hue. This colour works beautifully as a shade to use all over the lid to instantly brighten your eye area and make your face look bright and awake.

Next, choose a more pinky shade to sweep into the socket area which will give your eyes more definition.

Finish with a coat of lash lengthening and volumising White Knight Mascara. A waterproof, sweatproof tubular mascara White Knight is ideal for those hot summer days - no sweaty panda-eyes here. 

Lips: Last step, smooth on Lip Magic Balm. Creamy and nourishing, the balm adjusts to the pH of your lips to create your perfect shade of pink. 

“No Makeup" Makeup Look

Minimal, natural, and effortless. No makeup makeup definitely needs to be one of your go-to summer makeup looks.

What you’ll need for the “No Makeup” summer look

How to create the look 

Skin prep

The real secret to natural summer makeup? Beautifully prepped skin.

Choose skincare that deeply hydrates and brightens to encourage a dewy, plump complexion before you even get started with makeup.

Cleanse, gently exfoliate, drench your skin with a hydrating serum, and moisturise with a luminosity boosting facial oil or lotion.


A healthy tanned glow is essential for your summer “no makeup” makeup look!

Not only does bronzer add a gentle sunkissed glow, but you can use it for contouring too.

Take a bronzing brush and apply Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer to the areas the sun naturally hits the skin - cheekbones, jawline, temples, and along the bridge of your nose.


Highlighter adds a subtle, oh-so-shimmery radiance to the skin while gently accentuating your favourite features. The highlighting step comes after you’ve applied bronzer.

Using a soft, fan-shaped makeup brush gently swirl Unicorn Champagne Highlighter onto the high points of the cheeks where the light typically reflects on the skin.


With minimal makeup, full, healthy looking brows take the stage and define your face in this summer makeup look. Fill in any sparse areas of your brows with the lighter shade of your Brow Duo dual palette using light, feather-like strokes moving in an upward motion.


Finish with a coat of The White Knight for long, lush lashes.

Multi-Use Products

One of the hottest summer makeup tips (and trends!) for a low-fuss, gorgeous look is getting onboard with multi-use products.

Makeup you can use in more than one way can transform your beauty routine. It’s effortless to create a look that works together seamlessly when you use a single product for several features. The tones match and each area complements the other.

You’ll love Unicorn Candy Blush for its multi-tasking powers. The smooth formula can be used as a blush, eyeshadow or, combined with lip balm to create a lip tint.

With an ombre palette, you can choose from a spectrum of pink hues too. It’s the ultimate all-rounder for your makeup kit.

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Summer Makeup Trends 20/21