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The Best Mascara For Length And Volume

Why We Think Our White Knight Mascara is The Best Mascara!

“This is the GOD of mascara. Absolutely perfect, by far the best thing I’ve ever put on my lashes! You won’t regret buying. AMAZING!” - Hayley

With a list of 5-star reviews almost as long as your lashes will be The White Knight is our universally adored tubular mascara.

The best mascara for length and volume you’ll ever get your hands on, the unique two-step application creates the lush, lengthy lashes of your dreams.

“I LIVE FOR THIS MASCARA. It’s so amazing to use a mascara that easily comes off and doesn’t irritate your eyes or smudge. Easy to create a voluminous look or light and fluttery with each brush. 1000/10!” - Tay


The White Knight’s clever two-step application is the reason it’s earnt the rep as best mascara for length and volume.

The mascara can be used in two ‘modes’. One is designed to achieve length and the other designed for volume.

The volumising mode delivers more product for lush volumising action. Switching to lengthening mode removes excess product and lets you use the brush right to the tips of the lashes for length and separation.

Don’t worry about things getting messy - the excess product stays inside the tube so there is no wastage! You can unscrew the brush in Length mode (at the top of the tube) or unscrew it further down the tube for Volume mode.

Check out our little Insta reel for how the brush works!


Cruelty-free formula

We believe in amazing lashes AND caring about our sweet animal friends!

The White Knight formula is cruelty-free so it hasn’t been tested on any animals during any stage of the manufacturing process.

Volumising “tubing” formula

If you haven’t used a tubular mascara before, you’re in for a treat.

The "tubing" formula encircles each lash with its own pigmented polymer tube. These water-resistant tubes don’t smudge or break but they’re super easy to remove.

The clever tubing technology effortlessly adds volume and thickness, without any clumpiness as each tube grabs the individual lash and lifts. The result is a clean, wide-awake effect with gorgeous, curled length.

Water-resistant for all day / all night wear

Panda eyes be gone! Not only is it the best mascara for length and volume, The White Knight’s waterproof tubing formula delivers BIG TIME on its promise of all-day wear without smudging.

No flakes or fall-down makes it ideal if you have sensitive eyes like so many of The White Knight fans who adore that it doesn’t cause irritation. It’s also ideal if you wear contact lenses, or have lash extensions.

“I have sensitive eyes. This is the only mascara I can use. Non-clumping, long-lasting, I always receive compliments about my eyelashes whenever I wear this. So easy to remove with water, no panda eyes or irritation. Can't recommend this highly enough.” - Hayley

Super easy, gentle removal

No more messy tug-of-war to remove your eye makeup.

Unlike stubborn waterproof mascara, The White Knight “tubes” are ridiculously easy to remove.

They literally slide off using just warm water. No pulling around your delicate eye area! Plus, you’ll skip the toxins of synthetic makeup remover.

No more asking “What is the best mascara?” - your quest for amazing lashes ends with The White Knight!

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