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The best smudge proof mascara is here

Say goodbye to flakes, irritation and messy removal with the best smudge proof mascara ever - PONi The White Knight. The holy grail of smudge-proof, volumising, tubing mascara.

What is ‘tubular’ mascara?

If you’re not familiar with tubular mascara, what you’re about to read may just change your life.

Ok, so that’s a little dramatic. But it could definitely solve your mascara-related angst.

Instead of coating your lashes with colour like a traditional mascara, the "tubing" formula encircles each lash with its own pigmented polymer tube. These water resistant tubes don’t smudge or break but they’re super easy to remove.

This means you get the volume, length and longevity without the flakes, fall down, or the messy drama of removing traditional waterproof mascara. More on that soon.

The tubing technology is fantastic for easily adding volume and thickness, without any clumpiness or transference of the product to your skin.

Unlike traditional mascara which can quickly clump short or fine lashes with coat after coat, each tube grabs the individual lash and lifts. The result is a clean, wide-awake effect with effortless length.

Plus, they hold a mean curl.

Always apply tubing smudge proof mascara to clean, completely dry lashes. This helps the mascara form the tube and hold it in place without sliding off. If your lashes are wet when applying a tubing mascara, the application won’t be optimal.

It’s the perfect choice if you have sensitive, reactive eyes, wear contact lenses, or have lash extensions.

How to remove tube smudge proof mascara

Resistant to sweat, humidity, and tears, you might think it’s going to take industrial strength makeup remover to get your tubing smudge proof mascara off.

Nope! One of the massive benefits of tubing mascara is the fuss-free clean up. The tubes literally slide off with the help of warm water. No excessive tugging or pulling the delicate eye area and no panda eyes on your third round of makeup removal.

It couldn’t be easier or more gentle for your eye area.

Here’s how to do it:

Take a cotton pad, soak it in warm water then press it against your lashes for 30 seconds. Then, gently wipe the tubes off your lashes - they’ll slide right off!

Or, you can simply run your fingers under warm water and dab them onto your closed eye. Gently slide your fingers from side to side across the tubular mascara. The combination of the water and friction will help the tiny black tubes slide right off.

Waterproof mascara vs tubing smudge proof mascara

Wearing waterproof mascara everyday isn’t the best idea.

It’s difficult to remove which means a lot of pulling along the sensitive eye area - sometimes resulting in lash loss. Plus, lashes can become dried out and brittle if you’re using it on the daily.

You can tubing smudge proof mascara in your everyday makeup routine without the downsides of waterproof mascara.

Get the best lashes of your life with PONi White Knight Tubular Mascara

With a list of 5-star reviews almost as long as your lashes will be The White Knight is our universally adored mascara.

Cruelty-free, this can’t-live-without tubular smudge proof mascara contains lash growth and conditioning ingredients. Your lashes instantly look lush while the formula works a treat to improve their condition.

Have lash extensions? White Knight is safe to use over the top or apply to the lower lash line.

With a dual functioning brush for epic volume and length, you’ll get real value for your dollars too with the 15ml tube!

Think you need PONi White Knight Tubular Mascara in your life? We do too. The best lashes of your life await.

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