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The Difference Between Brow Magic and Brow Love

We explain the difference between PONi’s much-loved Brow Magic and Brow Love to help you choose the best eyebrow pencil for you!


Universal coloured brow pencil with glide-on application to speedily shape and fill in brows.


Brow Magic is the best eyebrow pencil for a universal colour application.

Thanks to the ‘magic’ of its taupe undertone, this long-lasting pencil adapts to suit the pigment of different brow colours. This allows it to deliver a colour match to suit all - blonde, brunette, auburn, strawberry blonde, and darker-haired beauties!

If you have darker brows, it’s easy to deepen colour intensity by using more pressure as you apply the pencil and build the application.

Brow Magic is great for a more natural, every day look rather than super defined Insta brows. It’s the ideal go-to for your daily brow - quickly fill in sparse patches and shape your arches.


A firm 1.5mm tip makes it simple to create realistic looking hair strokes. It has a wind-up mechanism so no sharpening required! The spoolie brush on the other end makes it easy to brush Brow Magic through your brows to add volume and finish the look.


The waxy texture of Brow Magic means it glides on smoothly making it easy to pencil your eyebrows.

Extra special benefits

Brow Magic contains biotin; a water-soluble vitamin which helps promote natural growth and improve the condition of your brows...naturally!


Long-wearing, oval tip brow pencil for soft looking brows with 5 shades to suit all hair colours.


Take your pick of 5 very lovable colour options to really get your perfect colour match.

Little Palomino: Light blondes

Palomino: Light brown and dark blonde

Chestnut: Brunettes and auburn hues

Thoroughbred: Dark brunettes

Black Beauty: A graphite colour for super dark-browed beauties


A unique 1.5 x 2.5 mm oval tip allows you to create realistic hair-like strokes when you use it upright or apply the pencil side on for a soft shaded brow look. The spoolie brush on the other end makes it easy to brush Brow Love through your brows to add volume and finish the look.


Brow Love has a firmer consistency than Brow Magic for an extra long-wearing application. Described as a ‘soft brow’ pencil, it’s the best eyebrow pencil to create a softer looking brow as opposed to a creme or powder which deliver a more intense look.


In general, eyebrow pencils are ideal for:

Filling in sparse patches and tails

Natural-looking brows

Quick, no fuss application

Beginners - easy to control

Teaming with powder


Grab our tips for how to draw eyebrows the right way right here.

When it comes to choosing between Brow Magic and Brow Love, we’d say Brow Love is amazing if you love to experiment with a shaded brow and want a super precise colour match with a higher pigment. It’s a great choice if you have really naturally dark brows.

Brow Magic is perfect for everyday brow definition and mimicking natural hair strokes - ideal if you love an easy waxy texture application. If you’re trying to grow and thicken your eyebrows naturally, the inclusion of biotin in the Brow Magic formulation is a big plus!

Both Brow Magic and Brow Love are long-lasting, with Brow Love’s firmer consistency offering extra long-wearing action.

Infographic - difference between brow magic and brow love