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What is Tubing Mascara?

A tubing mascara can do it all. Lengthen, volumise, lift, and curl your natural lashes - without smudging or messy removal. Here’s why we love clever tubing mascara... and you will too!

  • Length, volume and lift with the “tubing” formula

Instead of coating your lashes with colour like traditional mascara, the "tubing" formula encircles each lash with its own water proof pigmented polymer tube.

The result? Volume, length and longevity without the messy flakes and fall down.

These water resistant tubes don’t smudge or break but they’re super easy to remove.

  • Clump-free lashes

Lashes with tubular mascara are a clump free zone. Unlike a traditional mascara which can quickly clump short or fine lashes with coat after coat, each tube grabs the individual lash and lifts.

There are no clumps or product transference to your skin, just a clean, wide-awake effect with effortless length.

  • Ideal for sensitive eyes

Tubing mascara is ideal if you have sensitive, reactive eyes prone to watering, wear contact lenses, or have lash extensions.

Ok, now we’ve answered your question “What is tubular mascara?” it’s time to meet the best one on the market!

How is The White Knight Mascara is different from the rest?

What makes The White Knight Tubing Mascara so special?

  • Unique 2 step wand for volume and length

While the ‘wrapping tube’ technique is ideal for lengthening, many tubing mascaras on the market might leave you feeling a bit *meh* on the volume front.

The White Knight is different. It’s the best tubing mascara because it’s all about epic length and volume.

The secret is in The White Knight’s clever two-step application. The mascara can be used in two ‘modes’. One is designed to achieve length and the other designed for volume.

The Volume mode delivers more product for lush volumising action. You unscrew the brush at the top of the tube for Volume mode.

Switch to Length mode by unscrewing the brush at the top. Lengthening mode removes excess product and lets you use the brush right to the tips of the lashes for length and separation.

There's zero wastage switching between the 2 modes as the excess product stays inside the tube! Check out our little Insta reel to see the Length and Volume modes in action.

You’ll get a beautiful lifted curl that makes your eyes appear bigger. Even the straightest lashes don’t stand a chance - The White Knight tubular mascara will have them curling upwards instantly.

Always apply tubular mascara to clean, completely dry lashes. This helps the mascara form the tube and hold it in place without sliding off. If your lashes are wet when applying a tubing mascara, the application won’t be optimal. 

  • Easy wash off formula

No one loves a messy clean up.

Luckily, The White Knight formula is the stuff easy-removal dreams are made of.

All you need is warm water to remove this tubing mascara. That’s literally it!

The tubes are designed to slide off quickly and easily with warm water - no tugging, pulling or panda eyes here. Simply splash your face gently with warm water to loosen the tubes then wash or wipe them away.

Perfect for the delicate eye area and sensitive skin types who can’t handle makeup removers. Plus you'll skip the toxins in so many synthetic makeup removers.

The White Knight can be used over lash extensions too and the easy clean up means you won’t damage them during removal.

  • Great value

With a super generous 12g of product (most other mascaras contain 5 - 10g) The White Knight is the best value tubing mascara out there!

  • Promotes growth of your natural lashes

The White Knight formula is brimming with growth and conditioning ingredients - arginine, biotin and peptides. These ingredients work to strengthen and stimulate the growth of your natural lashes. Win! 

  • The White Knight is cruelty-free

A win for your lashes and our animal friends.

A product is cruelty free if it hasn’t been tested on animals at any stage during the production or manufacturing process.

The White Knight formula is 100% cruelty free - no animal testing here!

Love the sound of tubular mascara? You can pick up our best selling mascara in a bundle along with your other favourite PONi products. Check out our bundles today. 

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