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Why Choose A Powder Contour?

Why Choose A Powder Contour?

An age-old question that has divided people for centuries: cream or powder contour? Okay, that’s a little dramatic but hey, we’re really passionate about this! When it comes to giving you cheekbones that could cut class, we all know that contour is the holy-grail product, but whether you reach for a cream or powder contour, that’s  really up to you. Each has its pros and cons, so let’s dive in…  

Cream Contour 

Cream contour is here for all of you that love to take things up to 11. Sucking your cheeks in and applying cream contour to the hollows is going to give you a dramatic look that will have your Instagram blowing up. Create a light shadow effect with a couple of dabs of cream, or really step it up with a full sweep of colour.  

If you’ve got skin on the dryer side and you find that powder contour can grab at any dry or flaky patches, cream contour might just be the answer to your prayers. It won’t collect on dry skin and will make you look gorgeous and glowy.  

While we love ourselves a cream contour, it can have some drawbacks you should know about before going wild with it. If you’re new to the world of contour (welcome, we’re so glad you’re here!), creams can be a little more difficult to use and blend. If you’re not totally across how to use it, cream contour has the potential to be unforgiving. Plus, if you’ve got oily skin, cream contours can shift throughout the day.  

Powder Contour 

There’s a reason powder contouring has a cult-like following. It is super easy to apply so whether you’re a contour beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to create a defined look. Powder contour also lends itself to a more natural, yes-I-really-am-this-snatched look which is perfect for everyday makeup.  

If you’ve got a case of oily skin, powder contour is stepping in to be your new best friend. It won’t move throughout the day so no matter how shiny you are, you’ll still look like you were carved by gods. Having said that, if you’ve got dry skin, don’t despair, a powder contour will work just as well paired with a dewy foundation, without drying you out even more. 

Contouring with powder can also give you a sun-kissed wash of colour when (very lightly) brushed over the face with a large powder brush. In this case though, please, please go gentle and tap off any excess powder.  

So, how do you apply powder contour? So glad you asked. The first step is to grab your powder contour. May we suggest the PONi Cosmetics Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer? The silky texture effortlessly blends and creates the perfect glow. For brushes, either a big, fluffy one or an angled brush will do the trick. Dip your brush in, tap off any excess powder, then visualise a three (trust us, there is method in the madness). Starting from the corner of your forehead, a little further towards the centre of your head than your temple, draw a three. Sweep your brush from the top point, around the edge of your face, under your cheekbones, back out towards the bottom of the ear and then under the jawline. In a matter of seconds you’ll have a chiselled jawline and cheekbones - easy! 

No matter which side of the cream vs. powder contour debate you’re on, carving out your face has never been easier. Shop our contour here to achieve  cheeks for days!