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Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments

Revive your eyes with our powerful eye treatments. Our eye serums target your unique skin concern. Find puffy eye treatments, hydrating eye serums and the best products for dark circles.

Eye Serums & Under Eye Treatments to Refresh, Brighten & Tighten

The skin around your eye needs special beauty care as it’s thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face. That’s where an eye serum or eye treatment comes in.

Anti-Ageing Eye Serum

Packed with multi-action age-fighters including the revolutionary alternative to cosmetic injectables SNAP-8™, esmi Anti Ageing Eye Serum is a lightweight formula and the best eye serum to lift and tighten, reduce wrinkle depth and moisturize the eye area.

This vegan eye lifting serum fights signs of ageing around the delicate eye area, including crow’s feet, puffiness, dryness, and fine lines. Eyes are instantly refreshed and results are reinforced over time.

A dynamite anti-ageing duo, octapeptide SNAP-8™ has been hailed as a topical alternative to cosmetic injectables, reducing wrinkles by up to 63% while Syn®-Coll reverses the signs of photo-ageing damage and stimulates the skin to produce collagen. It really is the best anti-ageing eye treatment.

Brightening Eye Serum

This vegan eye treatment instantly revives and illuminates tired eyes with a unique blend of plankton extract, active ingredients, and peptides to target dark circles, brightness and fine lines in the delicate eye area.

esmi Brightening Eye Serum includes hero ingredients Plankton Extract. Eyedeline™ is a luminosity promoting, anti-puff and rejuvenating agent. Peptide B-White is another star ingredient in this brightening eye serum as it inhibits the production of melanin to target photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation resulting in lighter, more luminous under-eye area.

Hydrating Eye Serum

esmi Hydrating Eye Serum is a water-boosting miracle worker, delivering long-lasting hydration to restore under-eye skin to youthful-looking radiance revealing a fresher, firmer, depuffed eye area.

Supremely hydrating yet lightweight, this potent eye treatment is a formulation of marine extracts, antioxidants and a moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid. It minimises transepidermal water loss while nourishing, making it the per.


The esmi range of Eye Treatments is brimming with active ingredients to target specific concerns for the eye area including puffiness, dark circles, crows feet, fine lines, and dryness.

The skin around your eyes is different from the skin on the rest of your face; it is far thinner so you need a targeted eye serum or eye treatment formulated for this delicate area. As you age, this skin can become drier than the skin everywhere else. This means, even if you have oily or combination skin, you might still need an eye treatment to deliver moisture to the eye area.

esmi Eye Treatments are serums, so their lightweight formulations are absorbed more easily and rapidly into the skin than a moisturizer. This means the active ingredients in the eye serums get access to the deeper layers of skin in the eye area.

Eye treatments are a potent and results-driven choice for long-term, preventative care of the delicate eye area. The active ingredients work to restore the skin barrier, boost collagen and lighten discolouration.


After cleansing or exfoliating, and before moisturizing, apply a grain of rice-sized amount of the eye serum (per eye) and massage to below the eye area and above on to the brow bone in an outwards motion. The eye treatment can be applied in your morning or evening routine.


Have questions about the esmi Skin Minerals range of vegan eye treatments? The esmi Skin Minerals team would love to help you find the right eye serum for your healthiest skin ever. Get in touch with a consultant to book your complimentary skin consultation.


Eye Treatments For Puffy Eyes

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream

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The best way to treat under eyes is to use an intensive eye treatment serum regularly, as these are formulated for use in the delicate eye area with best active ingredients to treat specific concerns.

While we can't reverse ageing we can certainly help to assist with the appearance of ageing by strengthening and firming skin. We can do this with products containing Hyaluronic Acid which plump our skin cells with water, and then to support the skin look for peptides to help with firming, and Vit A to help increase cell renewal bringing fresh healthy skin to the surface.

We have three Intensive Eye Treatment Serums specially formulated to treat your concerns! All three will equally assist with the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. For concerns of fine lines, our Anti Ageing Eye Serum contains peptides to soften the appearance of fine lines, and Retinol to speed up cell renewal. Our Brightening Eye Serum contains Vit C and brightening peptides both to help with the appearance of pigmentation and brightening skin. For any sensitive skin types or those who are just starting out with Eye Serum, our Hydrating Eye Serum is gentle yet powerful and will help to keep our delicate eye area hydrated, helping to strengthen and protect skin.

An Eye Serum is best used as a preventative measure to protect the delicate skin from the first signs of damage and ageing. Depending on your specific concerns any of our Intensive Eye Serums will help with strengthening skin and premature ageing.

We don't recommend using Eye Serum over eyelids as the skin is so delicate.

An Eye Serum is water based and filled with active ingredients that will work deep into the skin’s layers to deliver comprehensive results. On the other hand, an Eye Cream will moisturise and provide a barrier for the skin. For best results, both should be used!

For our Vegan Eye Treatment Serums, we recommend squeezing a grain of rice size out of the dropper and apply around both eyes gently massaging until active spheres dissolve into skin - this massage motion will help to promote blood circulation in the area.

Yes, we recommend using an eye-specific treatment serum as it has been formulated for use around the eyes. This is such a delicate area we want to ensure we don't damage the skin and help to strengthen and protect, an Eye Serum being the best preventative.

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