esmi's moisturizers are jam-packed with active ingredients that hydrate and form a protective barrier. These moisturizers are deeply nourishing and will give your skin exactly what it needs to thrive, all-day-long! Whether you need a firming or nourishing facial moisturizer, you’ll find one to suit your specific skin type and needs.

About esmi Moisturizers

A moisturizer is the best way to lock in hydration all day long. After cleansing and applying your skin serums, use your favourite lightweight moisturizer, rich in active ingredients to give your skin exactly what it needs. Follow this up top with your sunscreen and any makeup for the ideal base and skin protection.

These lightweight moisturizers have a gel-like or creamy consistency that feels so luxurious. They contain emollient and humectant ingredients that both draw moisture to the skin cells, and form a protective barrier that traps in all of the moisture, to keep your skin feeling hydrated.

Our face creams will keep away that uncomfortable tight feeling that comes with dehydration and help to reduce signs of ageing. When our skin is dehydrated, it cannot properly produce collagen, leading to sagging skin and fine lines. In a nutshell, hydrated skin is plump and glowing skin!

We have formulated moisturizers for all skin types, including oily and sensitive, as everyone needs moisturizers to lock in hydration. We’ve also added active ingredients to help with any skin concerns.