About Lip Heroes

Working in the beauty industry for years, I experienced constant complaints from my clients that the makeup brands designed to care for problem skin didn’t give the coverage they wanted. So they would apply makeup that gave great coverage but suffocated their skin. We ended up in a vicious circle where their skin was treated but was then suffocated with max coverage makeup every single day.

So ... the first esmi product was born.

I eventually managed to clear my own skin of breakouts but found when getting older, my skin was constantly changing and my skin concerns were changing too. 

When I reached my 30s, my concerns focused around preventative ageing and I started looking after my skin properly for the first time in my life. When I had my babies I noticed a huge change in my skin again!

My experience with a wide range of skin concerns and knowledge of beneficial ingredients meant that esmi could create a serum range to treat these specific skin concerns. From this, the esmi Skin Treats were born! The Skin Treats have been such a joy to create because we find the best ingredients, apply them at the maximum recommended % and don’t skimp on quality!

I am so excited to expand the esmi range and to take this journey to good skin with you.

Love Evette xx