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Gua Sha Stone

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4 x $8.75

Elevate your skin care ritual with esmi's Gua Sha Stone. 

Meticulously carved from beautiful green aventurine, this exquisite tool revitalises skin, enhances product absorption, and promotes a toned, youthful complexion. Pair your Gua Sha with your favourite esmi oil for the ultimate benefits.

This stone stimulates lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and fosters a serene self-care experience.

Take your routine to the next level, embrace radiant skin—experience the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern luxury! 

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Answer a few questions and we’ll tell you how to achieve your skincare goals.

How to use

How to

Step 1: Start by thoroughly cleansing the skin to remove any makeup, sunscreen, dirt, bacteria, and impurities.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of your Oil based Skin Treat to the skin.

Step 3: Working in an upwards direction, begin at the base of the neck and work upwards with the Gua Sha. Repeating the same movements 3-5 times over each area.

Step 4: Next, start under the jaw/chin, working back towards the ear.

Step 5: Repeat the same movements along the jaw and lower cheek. There is no wrong or right edge of the Gua Sha - use whichever side/end that feels the most comfortable for you.

Step 6: Working in an upwards direction from the base of the jaw to the upper cheek bone.

Step 7: Using the long curved edge, work from the nose back towards the ear.

Step 8: Repeat the movements on the other side of the face.

Step 9: Using the pointed end, very gently work under the eye area back towards the temple

Step 10: Using the long curved edge on the brow bone, work in an upwards direction towards the forehead.

Step 11: Using the long curved edge, repeat the same movements on the forehead towards the hairline.

Step 12: Repeat these steps on the other side of the face.

Step 13: Using the small arches, run the Gua Sha along the brow bone.

Step 14: Using the flat surface of the Gua Sha, start at the brow and lift up towards the hairline.

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