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Bearberry Extract and Skincare for Pigmentation

One of those really annoying parts of ageing (like the 2-day hangovers) is pigmentation. It happens to the best of us (particularly if you’re a little partial to a day in the sun), but not to worry, some clever cookies have found ingredients that help to brighten the skin and keep premature ageing away. One that you might not have heard of, but really should become familiar with, is bearberry extract.

What is Bearberry Extract?

Yes, it has a super cute name, but there’s more to bearberry extract than just that! It has been having a moment in K-beauty thanks to the huge range of bearberry extract skin benefits, particularly in the world of anti-ageing. The extract comes from a shrub that produces red berries - who would have thought something so small would be so fantastic?

Bearberries contain something called arbutin, which is where all of the magic comes from. So, we’ll be referencing both here, just to keep you on your toes, but we’re talking about the same thing.

The Benefits of Bearberry Extract for Skin

You may have noticed we’re fans of bearberry extract for skin. The main reason is its amazing anti-ageing properties.

One of the key components of cracking the anti-ageing code is steering clear of pigmentation. If you’ll allow us to get a bit geeky for a second, arbutin breaks down into hydroquinone, which disrupts the enzyme that produces dark spots - talk about an underrated hero! It is a renowned skin-lightening ingredient. In a nutshell, bearberry extract in skin care halts melanin production.

As a powerful antioxidant, bearberry extract fights free radicals which, put simply, are unstable atoms that damage the cells and break down collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin a gorgeous, plump and youthful glow. So yes, it is kind of important. Free radicals on the other hand, are absolutely not. Hence, having a team of antioxidant soldiers in the form of arbutin is going to make a world of difference.

Because it protects skin cells from free radicals which helps collagen production, bearberry extract in skin care plumps fine lines and wrinkles. It allows the body to produce collagen at its optimum level, so you can soak up all of those complements with your youthful-looking skin!

As a bonus to evening out the skin tone, reducing melanin and slowing the signs of ageing, bearberry in skincare is also anti-inflammatory, helping to heal irritated skin and fade scars.

Including Bearberry Extract in Skincare

We’re going to guess you’re pretty impressed by the skin brightening and anti-ageing talents of arbutin in skin care by now - we sure are! Finding products that are packed with the good stuff is going to seriously transform your skincare routine.

A crowd favourite, the Pomegranate Brightening Serum reduces the body’s melanin production which, you guessed it, lightens hyperpigmentation. We’ve also added amino acids to brighten full, sallow skin, plus vitamin C as the icing on the brightening cake. This Skin Treat targets pigmentation and sends it packing.

While we’re on the brightening train going full steam ahead, the Brightening Eye Serum revives tired eyes by lightening pigmentation. Because the only bags we want are designer, this eye serum will keep dark circles away thanks to the magic of bearberry extract.

If you’re looking for the plumping benefits of bearberry extract, you really can’t go past the Golden Anti-Ageing Serum. Yes, it looks incredible, but there’s more to this serum than meets the eye (it’s not just a pretty face!). The peptides and antioxidants reduce fine lines and wrinkles, all the while nourishing the skin. Arbutin in skincare fights free radicals for firmer skin, which is a major win.

Bearberry extract may go by many names, but its brightening and anti-ageing properties work just as well, no matter what you call it! To find out more about the magic of this little berry, chat to one of our skincare experts!

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