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How to tackle oiliness and best oily skin products

How To Tackle Oiliness & Our Best Oily Skin Products

Shiny hair? Great! A shiny face? Not so much. Discover how to tackle oiliness and choose the right oily skin products to keep your complexion on the happy side of shiny! 

What Causes Oily Skin? 

Oily skin types have overactive sebaceous glands which means the skin produces excessive amounts of oil. Characteristics of this skin type include:

  • A shiny or greasy appearance
  • Enlarged pores
  • Prone to congestion and breakouts
  • Skin can appear thick 

If you have very oily skin, there’s naturally more oil present on the surface so it's easier for pores to become blocked. Left unchecked, blocked pores quickly lead to congestion and breakouts.

The best oily skin products aim to keep pores clear of excess oil (to prevent breakouts) and balance sebum production without compromising the skin barrier.

Typically, having a true oily skin type comes down to genetics but other skin types may find their skin produces more oil at certain times, too.

Hormonal changes, stress, or using the wrong skincare products can all increase oil production. If this is the case, switching to oily skin products temporarily might be necessary to get a spell of oiliness under control.

Don’t Over-Cleanse Your Skin

When you’re dealing with oily skin, it can be tempting to use a strong face wash to dry your skin out and get oil under control.

The problem here? Aggressively stripping your skin of its natural oil can actually trigger more oil production.

The best cleanser for oily skin will gently dissolve the oils and deeply clean at the same time, without stripping the skin.

Cleansing in the morning, evening, and after exercise is a must for oily skin types. We always recommend you double cleanse your skin each morning and night.

The first cleanse is to remove any products - like SPF or makeup. The second is to get deep into the pores to remove debris and any built-up oil.

We recommend:

The Uncomplicated Cleanser

Gently removes all traces of foundation and impurities with a double cleanse while calming and protecting skin with aloe vera and camilla leaf extract.

To achieve more targeted results for oily skincare, you can cleanse with The Uncomplicated Cleanser and follow with The Uncomplicated Cleanser plus Charcoal for the second cleanse.

This cleanser is ideal for all skin types prone to congestion, breakouts, and large pores, the active ingredient charcoal purifies and balances oils for a refined, clearer complexion.

Moisturise With Face Oil

All skin types require daily moisturiser, even oily ones.

You may be surprised to learn that the best moisturiser for oily skin can actually be more oil!

The right face oils can be very beneficial to regulate oil production and improve hydration. They act as an emollient moisturiser, helping seal moisture into the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

That said, not all oils will benefit oily skin. Heavy oils, like coconut and mineral oil, are highly comedogenic (pore-blocking) and can be problematic for oil-prone complexions.

Choose lightweight oils with a low comedogenic rating and those with calming, antibacterial properties. Jojoba, acai, rosehip, and almond oil are the most beneficial for oily skin.

We recommend:

Acai Skin Balancing Face

Peppermint Green Oil (An excellent moisturiser for oily, acne prone skin in teens)

Keep Skin Hydrated

Oil is not a sign that skin is adequately hydrated.

Hydration = water, not oil so just because your skin has a lot of oil doesn't mean it has enough water.

When the skin is dehydrated (lacking water) it overcompensates by producing more oil. Excessive oiliness, therefore, can actually be a sign of dehydration.

Hydration helps keep sebaceous glands in check which encourages the skin to become balanced. The line up of oily skin products in your routine should include some of these powerhouse hydration ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: A natural humectant with superior hydration qualities. Acts like a magnet to attract moisture deep within the skin’s cells.

Niacinamide: Effective at restoring the skin barrier to guard against moisture loss and dehydration.

Squalene: Non-irritating and ideal for acne-prone skin, squalene is an antioxidant with beneficial moisturising properties.

Ceramides: Increase water retention properties by strengthening the skin barrier.

We recommend: Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum 

Exfoliate Regularly But Don’t Overdo It!

An exfoliator should have a place in your kit of oily skincare products.

Exfoliation is essential for maintaining the health of oily skin and keeping pores clear of oil, dead cells, and acne-causing bacteria.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are effective for exfoliating oily skin, particularly salicylic acid. Acids are classified as chemical exfoliants and work by dissolving the "glue" that binds your dead cells, helping them loosen and slough off the skin.

Fruit enzymes can also be effective for oily skin care. Enzymes are also considered chemical exfoliants, but they are milder than alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids.

The right enzymes can gently exfoliate the skin to reduce the build-up of dead cells to keep skin clear and help minimise excess oil.

We recommend:

Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum for chemical exfoliation with salicylic acid.

Fresh Sea and Salty Sand Gentle-Foliant for both chemical exfoliation with papaya enzymes and physical exfoliation with Polynesian sand.

How often should you exfoliate? It depends on your skin and the type of exfoliation method you use. It’s best to start out slowly and adjust accordingly.

Over exfoliation can cause the skin to produce even more oil and leave you with a damaged skin barrier.

You can have a chat with our Skin Consultants too. They’ll guide you through choosing the right exfoliant skin care products for oily skin and frequency of use.

Switch To Mineral Makeup

If you have oily skin wearing makeup loaded with oil will leave you with a glossy sheen by lunchtime.

Why not try a powder-based mineral foundation instead? Ideal for oily, acne prone complexions, powder-based mineral foundation is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t block pores.

Powder also absorbs oil providing breathable coverage that leaves you with a fresh complexion.

We recommend exploring the esmi range of mineral foundation, BB cream, and powder. You’ll find the perfect fit for every skin tone.

If you have questions about the best oily skin products for your skin, book a free consultation with an esmi Skin Minerals Consultant. Our team of experts are here to help!

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