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Why is My Skin Peeling?

Our ideal spa day would not be complete without a peel, but the kind of skin peeling we’re talking about today is just about the last thing anyone wants! It can be a real pain (in the literal sense) and unlike a spot here or there, dry, flaky skin on the face can be difficult to cover with makeup. Plus, it can feel irritating and downright uncomfortable. That’s why nipping it in the bud is so crucial. Before you know it, you’ll have skin like a baby’s bottom!

What is Peeling Skin?

Believe it or not, skin peeling on the face isn’t always a bad thing. When the outer layer of skin (the epidermis for skincare nerds like us) sheds, it is a sign that your skin is healing from damage and is being replaced by healthier, new skin.

Majority of the time, peeling occurs after sunburn (as if you needed another reason to religiously apply sunscreen), when you have dry skin and when you suffer from eczema. The area affected might feel dry, itchy, painful and be a little red. Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how to get rid of flaky skin.

Causes and How to Soothe Peeling Skin


Even though you apply sunscreen everyday, and reapply with prolonged sun exposure (Right? Right??), the fact is that sometimes sunburns are unavoidable. As most of us would know, after the burn comes the incredibly annoying peeling. Painful, itchy and not so cute - a total pain in the butt. When the top layer of the skin becomes damaged, collagen breaks down and causes the skin to pull apart, prompting this super not fun process.

Now let’s start with the obvious: avoid scaly skin caused by sun exposure by lathering on a thick layer of the Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen. If you’ve crossed over into flaky territory, calm the skin with the Anti-inflammation Mint Gel Booster Mask. It will soothe irritated and peeling skin on the face. Then, top it off with the Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Hydration to restore the damaged skin barrier and increase hydration.

Dry Skin

If you’ve got skin on the dryer side, you’re going to be more susceptible to cracking and peeling (We feel for you!). Dry skin has a skin barrier that is compromised, meaning it can't retain moisture and oils so well. In other words, all of the good stuff that keeps your skin plump is exiting stage right.

To avoid making the situation worse, avoid harsh products and boiling hot showers - they are only going to strip even more moisture out of your skin and make the flaking problem worse.

When it comes to your skincare routine, go for the most luxe, moisturising products around. Luckily, we know just the products! Our ​​Ultra Nourishing Booster Mask is packed with moisturising ingredients like shea butter and coconut and almond oils. Your thirsty skin is going to love them and start to heal any skin peeling on the face. Then dab on a few drops of the Hydrating and Nourishing Acai Duo for peak moisture. The wonder ingredient is provitamin B5, which is a natural skin healer and protector - say “see ya” to dry, flaky skin!

Eczema and Contact Dermatitis

Eczema is a term for a bunch of skin conditions that cause red, dry skin and, in many cases, that damn flaking. While there’s no cure (cue eye roll), there are things you can do to help heal irritated and peeling skin from these conditions.

Contact dermatitis, in particular, occurs when the skin comes into contact with chemicals that cause an allergic reaction. If you know you’re prone to reactions, always (always!) patch test products before lathering them all over your face. Another hot tip? Stick with natural and gentle products that aren’t going to exacerbate the situation.

Speaking of, our Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum plumps the skin, and the niacinamide (Vitamin B3) works to restore damaged and peeling skin on the face, making it perfect for giving flaky skin the flick. For a super boost of nourishment, use a few drops of the 24K Gold Nourishing Oil. The trio of coconut, jojoba and avocado oils are excellent moisturisers and this skin treat is rich in skin-saving fatty acids.

To find out more about the cause of skin peeling and what products are going to send it packing, book a free skincare consultation with one of our experts!