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New Year, New You: Detox and Renew Your Skincare Routine

New Year, New You: Detox and Renew Your Skincare Routine

It’s coming into the new year and we know new years resolutions and goals are going to be made. As they should... Who wouldn’t want to go into 2023 with a new lease on life?! But, why don’t we have the same outlook when it comes to skincare?

Detoxing and renewing your skincare routine might just be what the doctor ordered in 2023. If your routine has been the same since 2020 (oh gosh let's not think about it) or you’re finding that your products just aren’t working as well as they used to that’s okay (and normal). 

The next step is to figure out which products are going to be beneficial for you and your overall skin health in the new year. Some trial and error may come into play here, but the esmi team has collated some handy tips on which products to try for a total skincare detox. 

What Does Skincare Renewal Actually Mean?

Skincare renewal means assessing your skincare routine and seeing if it properly serves your current skin concerns and goals. With skincare renewal you can completely overhaul your skincare routine, or do a skincare detox by swapping out a few products. At esmi, we prefer the latter.

It's also important to remember that skincare renewal is all about you! A skin detox might also enhance your self-care routine and mood which can contribute to overall well-being, rather than focusing specifically on results. 

Whatever your skin goals are for 2023 let's delve deep into how skincare detox and renewal can help you achieve them! 

How to Start Your Skincare Detox

Start your skincare detox by laying out all your current skincare products — yes even the ones that are your holy grail and you can’t bear to part with. Then, pick up the ones you have had forever (and probably repurchased multiple times) and see if the ingredients still align with your skin goals. 

If your skin is oily, but now there are a few fine lines you want to minimise, maybe you need to reconsider your product choice. Or, if you have moved somewhere new where there is a totally different climate, a change in which products you use most might be needed. 

Once you have aligned your current products to your skin goals (this might require some ingredient research), start to think about which new products you might want to add to create the best skincare routine for you. 

Adding in facial sunscreen when your other new year's goal is to go for daily walks could be an option. Alternatively, if your skin has begun to look pigmented, a brightening serum might be the way to go. Knowing how your skin is changing and developing over time is key when adding in new products and finding that true skin renewal.

The Best Products To Change Up for a New Skincare Routine

But, which products are best to change up? If you want to do a full skincare detox, it might be wise to focus on a few products at a time — this ensures your skin doesn’t get overwhelmed with new products. We’ve picked out our recommendations on which products are best to change up for a strategic skin detox. 

New Year, New Cleanser

As far as cleansers go, our Cleanser range is by far the best cleanser for your face when you want to target a specific skin concern. If you are currently using our original Uncomplicated Cleanser and want to align it with a new skin goal, we have options for detoxifyinganti-rednessbrightening and anti-ageing that can work for many different skin types.

Your skin may have also become more sensitive over 2022 so you need a cleanser that can keep your skin in check. In 2023, why not try our Probiotic Skin Mylck Cleanser specifically formulated for sensitive skin? 

Ensuring your cleanser (the base of your new skincare routine) is working for your skin in 2023 is the goal — and with our range of cleansers, esmi can get you there. 

Serums & Oils

Following up your cleanser with a serum or oil (or both!) can make all the difference with a skincare detox. Introducing new active ingredients to your skin can aid results and speed up the process when detoxifying your skin. Adding one of our Skin Treats to your new skincare routine that aligns with your new 2023 skin goals is a great way to incorporate a new product without changing your routine too rapidly. 

Our favourite esmi Skin Treats include:

Exfoliants & Face Masks

Want to create new skincare rituals but don’t want to change your daily routine too much? Adding in a targeted Gentle-Foliant or Booster Mask 2 to 3 times per week could be the key to a successful skincare revamp for 2023. 

Our Gentle-Foliants (our name for exfoliant) is a new kind of exfoliant product as it treats the skin with kindness and doesn’t strip the face. This creates balanced skin that won’t be harmed because of a harsh texture. Similar to this is our Booster Masks which target key concern areas to brighten, smooth, calm and hydrate skin. 

Best of all both our Gentle-Foliants and Booster Masks are all targeted to one concern so you can add the perfect on for you to your revamped skin routine!

Creating a New Skincare Routine with Us! 

The esmi could write all day about how your 2023 skincare renewal could happen. However, it’s not up to us — it's up to you! Knowing what your skin goals are and what skin concerns you want to address most will allow you to properly do a skincare detox. 

Choosing the best products for your skin goals is a must and if you need a little extra guidance speak to our skin specialist team on live chat! They are happy to help with any product questions or create a whole new skincare routine. You can also always go to our skincare quiz for extra information if chatting to someone isn’t your jam. 

Happy New Skincare Routine — let’s make this skin year the best yet!