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How You Can Stay Motivated

How You Can Stay Motivated

Picture this...  

January 1st, the start of a brand new year. 

You’re on day 1 of your cleanse. 

You’ve just Marie Kondo’d your house in its entirety. 

You’ve meditated to the point of self levitation. And yesterday you signed your life away to a 12-month gym membership (i.e. 8 months of your hard-earned money down the drain) 

We’re sure all of us can relate to some extent. 

It’s true, the ‘start’ of anything naturally brings a breeze of motivation. A new job, a new relationship, a new training routine and the list goes on. But, how can we STAY motivated even when the freshness of these things start to wear off? 

Well today, we’re sharing our top tips with you!  

Know Your Why 

Knowing WHY you are striving towards that goal, that lifestyle, that job, that weight, is essential to motivation being not just something you feel, but a choice that you consistently make. 

Because when you don’t FEEL motivated, that ‘why’ kicks into gear. 

It becomes the fuel that helps you daily to stay motivated, to keep choosing a motivated stance. 

Let’s say, for example, you’re wanting to get into shape. 

Your why? Maybe it’s because you want to be around to see your kids grow up. 

That’s a pretty good reason right? A great WHY. 

So on the days, you wake up FEELING unmotivated, you re-focus on your ‘why’. 

In this example, you vision your future self at an age where you are running around being active with your kids. 

Then you flip it to see yourself sitting inside watching them from a distance because you didn’t choose to look after yourself when you had the chance. 

We know which vision we would choose. 



Life is better together. 

There is something pretty magical about being in a like-minded community of people who are striving for the same things in life that you are. 

Whether you’re training for a marathon or trying to finish that uni degree, being around people who you can witness staying motivated, can help to inspire your own. 


One we all need but don’t necessarily want! 

Being accountable to someone other than ourselves can help us find motivation, especially if we once had it and have now lost it. 

When we are only accountable to ourselves, we can easily create excuses, narratives within our own self-talk conversations that get us out of having to make the choice to just do it. 

But when you know you are meeting up with that person, the one who has the sole job of asking you the direct questions about where you’re at - you’re going to HAVE to get motivated! 

It forces you to be accountable regardless of how you feel. 

Motivation that lasts, is at its best right here people.  


Okay, call us crazy but we believe that getting out in nature does WONDERS for the mind. 

And in case you’re new to this whole motivation game, your mind is the SINGLE biggest contributor to whether or not you will find it, keep it or lose it. 

So looking after it is vital. 

Whether it involves a walk in the morning to start the day fresh, or a cuppa in a comfy chair on the porch in the afternoon to sit and reset, just trust us and get outside!  

(Don’t forget to slap on some SPF while you’re at it, don’t want your skin to pay for your self-motivation rituals!) 

Get Ready, EVERY Day 

Maybe you’re a motivation unicorn and able to stay motivated even if you spend the day working at home in your pj’s with a bed hair situation on your hands. 

But if you’re like us, getting ready first thing in the morning - whether you’re staying home for the day or heading out to work, can do amazing things for your psyche. 

So get it done! 

Shower, wash your face, chuck on some serum, a light layer of BB Cream or even a full face of glam and get that motivation HAPPENING. 

As Nanna always said, brush your hair, chuck on some lippy and you’re ready for anything! 

What are some of your tips for staying motivated?