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Reduce Your Anxiety & Stress

Reduce Your Anxiety & Stress

Live the Life You Deserve

In the current state of our world, it’s no wonder a lot of us live in a constant state of anxiety or stress. 

And a lot of the situations we may be facing, are well and truly deserving of that state.  

Although most of these don’t hold a ‘quick fix’ option, we do know that every one of us can implement ways to personally help ourselves cope. 

To find that solid ground beneath our feet, a firm footing. 

I’m sure we’d all love to find a stance that brings a view of a tree planted beside a stream of water. 

It’s unwavering, solid. Withstanding and holding ground. Maybe you have a stressful job. Perhaps anxiety rules you even over the little things. Or maybe you just overthink everything so much and want the narrative in your mind to just QUIET DOWN BACK THERE! 

We hear you. 

But how can we achieve this in our lives?  

Well, for starters, there is no one size fits all. Because each of us cope in different ways. We communicate feelings uniquely to who we are or the way we’ve been conditioned. And environmentally, we react differently, grieve differently, survive differently. Even though we are all the same ‘beings’, we still have such unique qualities about us that affect our base levels of anxiety and stress. 

Now we’re not here to give you a therapy session (although I’m sure we could all use one!) but we are here to offer you some simple, practical thoughts to ponder, that we like implementing to help reduce our own levels of anxiety and stress.  

So here’s a few for you. 

Stability in Routine 

You likely fall into one of these categories, or are floating somewhere in the middle. 

1. You’re a creature of habit and a LOVER of routine. 

To the stage where perhaps without it, the wheels fall off and by the time you sit at your desk to work, you feel like you’ve worked a 9 hour day! 

2. Or maybe you’re not the type of person to have a set ‘morning routine’.

Perhaps you like to go with the flow of the day and the thought of creating a routine sends you to the emergency room.  

Whichever category you find yourself in, there is a way to find a sense of stability to help you manage your anxiety and stress levels going into a new day ahead. 

And it’s by having ONE thing that is non-negotiable to you.  

Might be a morning walk, a 10 min guided meditation, a hot cup of coffee in the morning breeze. 

Whatever it is for you, whether the rest of your morning is planned or chaos, find that little something that sets your feet firmly on the ground. 

For us? It’s the routine and ritual of simple daily skincare steps (surprise surprise!) 

Every morning, regardless of what is going on. 

You can say to yourself, I can get up, cleanse my face, chuck on my favourite serum and get ready to face the day ahead (no pun intended!)  

And for any of the mumma’s out there, don’t go past our brightening serum to help hide the night that was! 

Plus, stress really isn’t good for our skin! When we feel stress, our body's sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline which can lead to over-oil production, acne breakouts and clogged pores! Not to mention the increased risk of premature ageing. 

So skincare routine in the AM (or PM) actually works for both our minds and our bodies! #winwin  

Take Breaks! 

Whatever that looks like for you. 

Physically like taking a holiday, or maybe just mentally like having a focused chat with a loved one or professional.  

If you’re an introvert who fuels up on alone time, take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Be okay saying no to that party or event, your health and ability to handle stress is more important.  

Or maybe you haven’t taken a holiday from your work in years because you feel guilty letting other people carry the load? 

Take a break! You deserve it. 

Why don’t you give other people the opportunity to step up and fill that need for you. If we have learnt anything over the last few years, it’s that life is far too short. 

Speak Up

Or maybe it’s as simple as a conversation. 

In-person or on the phone, with a friend or family member that you know will help you feel lighter from talking to. You’d be surprised how much anxiety and stress you hold until you air it out and let it out in a safe environment. 

Talking to a professional can also help, a non-bias, safe space. 

Find what feels like a real break to you, and TAKE IT ! 

Please note - if you need someone to talk to if you’re really battling these areas that are affecting your life. Please reach out. You’re not alone. 

We will leave a link here for you if you want to talk to a professional in this area.  

Get Some Strategies 

If you’re someone who has experienced anxiety before, you would know that when you’re in the midst of that anxiety blur, it is NOT the time to try and figure out your escape route. 

These strategies need to be LOCKED DOWN by the time you get to this point. 

Because at this point, you will have so many things swimming around in your head, the last thing you will be able to do is think clearly to figure it out. 

You want to just be able to EXECUTE. (deploy the troops!)  Like auto-pilot. 

Whatever stress management strategies or techniques you’ve practised will be your saving grace if you have them ready to go. 

Some of our favourites? 

Meditation, yoga, exercise, deep breathing, mantras, your hobby, prayer, an accountability person to talk to, re-focus activities, journaling etc. 

Like we’ve mentioned previously, we are all unique! 

So what will work for you in these moments, may not work for the person next to you? So it’s important we work to find what that is for us.